List of articles by Keio University

Keio University ranked first in the university rankings of successful career changers

 Antelope Career Consulting Co., Ltd., which provides career change support services centered on the financial and consulting industries, […]

Instant detection of incomplete food packaging Jointly developed by Keio University

Keio University, in collaboration with packaging machine manufacturer Tokyo Automobile Machinery Works (President Haruo Yamamoto, Tokyo), instantly detects incompletely sealed food packaging […]

Jikei University School of Medicine, etc. Regenerated kidney that can urinate

 Professor Takashi Yokoo of the Jikei University School of Medicine succeeded in urinating from a regenerated kidney transplanted in collaboration with Keio University, Meiji University, and Kitasato University.from now on […]

Keio University develops artificial intelligence program to answer national examination questions for doctors

Professor Yasufumi Sakakibara of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University and the research group of the Faculty of Medicine, in collaboration with the Kano Laboratory of the Faculty of Informatics of Shizuoka University, are the first doctors in Japan […]

Elucidation of a new mechanism for controlling blood lactate levels-Keio University

Lactic acid acidosis caused by an increase in blood lactic acid level due to severe shock conditions such as heart failure and sepsis, and the blood becoming extremely acidic […]

Keio University begins development of IT services with Tsukuruba

 Keio University (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Kenji Kumasaka Laboratory) and Tsukuruba Inc. have a business of "data mining" in the lifestyle field […]

Hiroshima University, Kumamoto University Observing liquids that have been remembered when they were solid

 Professor Masayoshi Inui of Hiroshima University, Professor Shinya Hosokawa of Kumamoto University and others analyzed the vibration of atoms in liquid bismuth, even though they are in a liquid state […]

The University of Tokyo is the top candidate for the national civil servant recruitment general employment exam.

The National Personnel Authority has announced the number of successful applicants for the 2015 National Personnel Authority Recruitment Examination, and the University of Tokyo has the highest number of successful applicants, 459.Pass […]

Keio University et al. Discover new genes related to idiopathic scoliosis in adolescence

 Scoliosis, a disease in which the spine bends, is an idiopathic scoliosis whose cause cannot be identified in many cases.The most common idiopathic scoliosis […]

Verification of the effect of tablet learning through Keio University industry-government-academia collaboration

 Makiko Nakamuro Laboratory of Keio University, which conducts research and research on educational economics, has formed an industry-government-academia collaborative team between the Fussa City Board of Education and Letterpress Printing Co., Ltd. […]
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