List of articles of Nihon University

Chiba University and others elucidate a part of the mechanism of food allergy treatment

 The research group of Associate Professor Yosuke Kurashima (Graduate School of Medicine) of Chiba University Graduate School, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, is the only treatment for food allergies, but that […]

From toad to firefly The source of poison of Yamakagashi shifts in the process of evolution

 A research group led by Associate Professor Satoshi Mori and Professor Naoki Mori of Kyoto University analyzed the cervical gland of the poisonous snake Rhabdophis tigrinus, and the poisonous component is derived from firefly […].

A special exhibition "Kanda Outgoing! University Sports Trajectory" is being held at the Meiji University Museum

 At the Meiji University Museum, a special exhibition "Kanda Sending! University Sports Trajectory" is being held from January 2020th to April 24th, 4. […]

10 people including Mariko Kimura of Kyoto University won the 18th Ikushi Award of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

 The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science has awarded 10 students, including Mariko Kimura of Kyoto University, to the 18th Ikushi Award for students in the doctoral program at the graduate school who are promoting excellent research activities. […]

Succeeded in discovering an asteroid approaching the Earth, the University of Tokyo in a wide-area exploration of the new device Tomoegozen

 The Kiso Observatory of the University of Tokyo has succeeded in discovering an asteroid approaching the Earth using the new device Tomoegozen.

2018 “School Festival No1” is Nihon University College of Art “Nichigei Matsuri”

 Tokyo's outing information site "Let's Enjoy Tokyo" jointly operated by Gurunavi Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. is a large area in the Kanto metropolitan area [...]

University Brand Image Survey 2018-2019 Announcement Nikkei BP surveys 465 universities in XNUMX regions nationwide

 Nikkei BP Consulting Co., Ltd. has released a survey report for the 12th year of the "University Brand Image Survey 2018-2019" […]

Identification of a new species of protozoan parasitizing Japanese grouse, named "Raichoi" Osaka Prefecture University, etc.

 Research groups such as Osaka Prefecture University have identified the cause of the decline in the number of wild Japanese rye butterflies, which are considered to be endangered species in the national natural monument […].

"Keio University" is the most popular university from the president and companies with annual sales of 500 billion yen or more Teikoku Databank

 Teikoku Databank is a company (individual, non-employed […] from the company profile database "COSMOS2018" (recorded about 6 million companies) as of June 2.

High school students' "university rankings they want to apply for" Kanto is Waseda University, Tokai is Meijo University, and Kansai is Kansai University.

 Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. operates Recruit Advancement Research Institute to clarify trends in high school students' choice of universities […]
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