Tohoku University article list

Tohoku University Establishing new technology with superconductors

 A group of Assistant Professor Junichi Shiogai and Professor Atsushi Tsukazaki of Tohoku University has established a technology to make iron selenium, which is a superconducting material, extremely thin.High-temperature superconductivity […]

Development of basic technology for batteries that can be used at high temperatures, Tohoku University, etc.

Tohoku University and Hitachi have developed the basic technology for lithium-ion secondary batteries that operate in an environment with a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.If it is put into practical use, it will be […]

Tohoku University Discovered a bacterium whose ribosomal RNA gene is not on the chromosome

 Dr. Mizue Anita and his group at the Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University have found that the bacterium Auraymonas has a genome with an extremely unique composition […].

University Co-op Releases Monthly "Selling Books" Ranking at 10 Universities Nationwide

At the National University Co-op Association (University Co-op), once a month, the 1 best book sales in the book department of the 10 university co-ops nationwide "Book Be [...]

Tohoku University Recovers brain damage in animals

 The group of Professor Mari Dezawa and Professor Eiji Tominaga of Tohoku University is an animal experiment using stem cells existing in human skin called muse cells, and the brain […]

Tohoku University There are cells that recognize neutral colors in the human brain

 Associate Professor Ichiro Kuriki of Tohoku University, in collaboration with a research group at RIKEN, revealed that there are nerve cells that respond to neutral colors in the human brain […]

Elucidation of new physiological functions working in photosynthesis-Chiba University et al.

Photosynthesis begins with elementary school science, but in reality there are many unexplained parts of its mechanism.Moreover, the unexplained part […]

Discovered a switch to switch the destination of chemical reactions such as Hokkaido University

 Professor Tamiki Komatsuzaki of Hokkaido University and others have collaborated with Nara Women's University and Tohoku University to theoretically exist a switch that switches substances that can result in chemical reactions […]

Succeeded in power generation with ammonia such as AIST and Tohoku University

A joint research group of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Renewable Energy Research Center, and Tohoku University is a gaster that uses ammonia as fuel […]

Elucidation of the mechanism by which obesity increases triglyceride-Tohoku University

On August 8, Tohoku University announced that it has elucidated the mechanism by which triglycerides increase as they get fat.Based on lifestyle habits such as overeating […]
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