List of articles of universities in Kanagawa prefecture

Kanagawa University Artificial cells divide for generations

 The research group of Professor Tadashi Sugawara of Kanagawa University (also serving as a visiting fellow at Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute) has created artificial cells that undergo cell division for generations […]

Kanagawa University announces the results of "Awareness Survey on Scholarships and Scholarships"

 Kanagawa University announced the results of the "Scholarship and Stipend Student System * Awareness Survey 2015".The survey was conducted from July 2015st to August 31 […]

Senzoku Gakuen University opens 2016 "Anison Course" Pre-event from September 9st

Senzoku Gakuen College of Music will establish a new "Voice Actor Anime Song Course" in 2016.The establishment of a full-scale anime song course is at the University of Music […]

Produced by a female university student, the first mystery solving game is held at the Osaragi Jiro Memorial Hall in Yokohama

A female university student is working on revitalizing the Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum "Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum Revitalization Project (Yokohama Hako Iri Musume Project […]]

Elucidation of the cause of "sagging of the face" -St. Marianna University School of Medicine et al.

 One of the skin problems of many women, sagging face.Surprisingly, the structure of the skin on the face has not been well understood so far, and the cause of sagging has been thoroughly investigated […].

Kobe University Graduate School, new science major from 2016

 Kanagawa University will establish a new science major at the Graduate School of Science of the same university in April 2016.With this reorganization, it has been installed in the Graduate School of Science […]

Yokohama City University Citizen Participation Seismic Wave Measurement Network

 Yokohama City University has built a citizen-participation-type seismic wave measurement network using commercially available small sensors that can be introduced in ordinary homes and schools. […]

Teaching local children to make movies Japan Institute of the Moving Image

Japan Institute of the Moving Image (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) is co-sponsored by the Asao Ward Office Children's Support Office, and has a three-day schedule from August 2015th (Thursday) to 8nd (Saturday), 20 […]

Take university classes online for free, and four new universities collaborate

 The catchphrase is "Go to university again through the Internet."Video learning service utilizing the Internet of Schoo Inc. […]
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