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Kansai University surveys students and teachers about remote classes, etc. during the corona crisis

 Kansai University regularly conducts questionnaire surveys of students and faculty for the purpose of improving education and understanding the actual situation of students affected by the corona crisis.

A certain number of student solicitations for drugs such as cannabis, joint survey by Sekiseki

 1.4% of students at Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Doshisha University, and Ritsumeikan University were encouraged to purchase or use drugs such as cannabis and stimulants […]

Kansai University, Pioneer of Online Collaborative Learning “COIL” Opens Up International Education and Students’ Possibilities

Possibilities of online international education and COIL-type education “COIL is a place where you can interact and learn with overseas students while staying in Japan.

A popular university for high school students, Waseda University in Kanto, Kansai University in Kansai, and Meijo University in Tokai

 The popular universities that high school students want to apply for are Waseda University in the Kanto area, Meijo University in the Tokai area, and Kansai University in the Kansai area.Recruit […]

Molecular robots working in "flocks" have significantly improved material transport efficiency and cargo size

 Research groups such as Hokkaido University, Kyushu University, Nagoya University, and Kansai University use micro-sized molecular robots as "flocks" […]

26% of new adult users, unreasonable shopping with postpaid payment

 Twenty-six percent of new adults who have used postpaid payments used postpaid payments for shopping that they couldn't afford with their cash or deposits […]

Utilizing advanced digital technology to open the door to the next generation ─ Creating “diversified learning opportunities” for students by promoting DX

In recent years, Kansai University has been actively introducing systems and lectures using digital technology.In the background, XNUMX marks the XNUMXth anniversary of its founding [...]

Kansai University / Masahiro Hori Laboratory Expands Search App for Excavated Items from "Hyakkatori / Furuichi Kofungun" and Produces Video Content

 Kansai University Faculty of Informatics, Masahiro Hori Laboratory has expanded the search app for excavated items from the world cultural heritage "Hyakkatori / Furuichi Kofungun" released in March 2021 […]

Hosei University and Kansai University are holding SDGs promotion strengthening week

 From November 2021nd (Monday) to December 11th (Saturday), 22, Kansai University and Hosei University will hold "SDGs WEEKs […] as a week to strengthen the promotion of SDGs.

STEAM education tailored to individuals-expectations for structural changes in education

In surveys such as "university students who cannot do fractions" (* XNUMX) and "math test takers have high lifetime income", not only leisure education but also science and mathematics education is neglected [...]
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