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Kansai University and Mukogawa Women's University conclude a memorandum of understanding regarding PCR tests and mutual use of entrance examination venues

 Kansai University and Mukogawa Women's University will cooperate in PCR testing for the new coronavirus and in the event of an emergency disaster such as a large-scale earthquake or pandemic […]

Kansai University Faculty of Human Health Produced a video that reproduces the rules of the birth of volleyball

 The Kamiya Taku Laboratory of the Faculty of Human Health, Kansai University was born in 1895, which can be used as a teaching material for physical education in secondary education. […]

Change due to corona damage?Recruit University Research Institute "Ranking of Universities I Want to Apply for" 2021

 "Recruit Advancement Research Institute" operated by Recruit Co., Ltd. grasps the degree of application, name recognition, and image of third-year high school students to the university, and is a high school student […]

Kansai University distributes shopping street coupons to vaccinated students as a trigger to attract customers

 Kansai University is concerned with the students who received the new coronavirus vaccine at the Senriyama Campus (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture) […]

Discover the mechanism of saliva analgesic effect in mosquitoes and mice

 Professor Makoto Tominaga of the National Institute for Physiological Sciences / Center for Life Creation is a joint research with Kansai University and University of Toyama.

Excellent award for 5 corporations including internship award selected by students and Kagoshima University

 The "Student's Choice Internship Award" executive committee, which is managed by Mynavi Corporation, contributes to the social and professional independence of students […]

Bequest donations to universities, simple procedures Kansai University introduces Japan's first bequest donation trust system

 At Kansai University, "Kansai […]" is a new bequest donation system that uses the "Kansai University Bequest Donation Support Plan *", which is a product of Resona Bank.

Corona vaccine, influence of inoculation intention by explanation method Kansai University investigates

 When the Kansai University Socio-Network Strategic Research Organization asked the general public about their intention to inoculate the new corona vaccine, they wished […].

Hosei University and Kansai University conclude an agreement on credit transfer student exchange

 Hosei University and Kansai University have signed an agreement on student exchange for the purpose of credit transfer.

People who are sensitive to the senses in the body are easy to imitate the facial expressions of others and are also sensitive to the line of sight.

 The sensations in the body such as "hungry" and "heart pounding" are called "internal receptive sensations" and recognize one's emotions [...]
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