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Characteristics of the Nara Park deer population, such as long-term isolation and genetic uniqueness, are changing.

 A joint research group from Fukushima University, Nara University of Education, and Yamagata University used DNA analysis to investigate the kinship of deer in Nara City, and to determine the origins of the deer in the management area.

Produced PR posters in collaboration with Chiba Institute of Technology, Shisui Town, and Keisei Electric Railway, displayed at 61 stations on the Keisei Line, etc.

 Chiba Institute of Technology held a joint class with Shisui Town in Inba District, Chiba Prefecture, and Keisei Electric Railway, and the students who took the class promoted Shisui Town […]

Ratio of female faculty members at national universities will increase by 2023 points in 0.6 compared to the previous year

 A survey by the Association of National Universities found that the ratio of female faculty members at national universities will reach 2023% in 19.3, an increase of 0.6 points from the previous year.

Children change their "attachment" depending on the partner discovered in marmoset research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, etc.

 Mammal infants cannot survive without being raised by others, so they remember and adore their parents (caregivers) and other people, forming ``attachments.'' […]

Hokkaido University and National Institute for Environmental Studies successfully develop a model to predict acorn production

 Special Researcher Weg Rea of ​​the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Associate Professor Tomomichi Kato of the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Agriculture have studied the production of acorns produced by Fagaceae trees […]

Approximately 2025% of private companies will increase hiring of new graduates in 3, DISCO survey

 About 3% of private companies plan to hire more new graduates in spring 2025 than this spring, a survey by employment information service Disco found. […]

To learn difficult movements, observe and visualize the movements with your own face Joint research with Shinshu University

 A joint research group of Shinshu University, Waseda University, Toyo University, Juntendo University, Kanoya University of Physical Education, and Nara Institute of Science and Technology is conducting research on difficult motor movements […]

Edogawa University, students from the Department of Mass Communication and Saijo Seminar hold a city walking event “The City Where Japanese Rock and Idols were Born ~ in Hibiya”

 On February 2024, 2, the Noboru Saijo Seminar of the Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Media Communication, Edogawa University, was planned by students […]

Genes related to sensitivity to cold discovered through comprehensive genome analysis, Keio University, etc.

 Wu Xuefeng, a researcher at the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, Specially Appointed Lecturer at Tetsudai Yoshino, Professor Emeritus Masaru Mimura, Tsumura, a Chinese herbal medicine company, and health care business […]

Considering preferential treatment for women based on the results of the University of Tokyo recommendation entrance examination

Both the number and ratio of women in the University of Tokyo recommendation entrance examination are at record highs.On February 2024, 2, the University of Tokyo held the 13 school recommendation entrance examination (hereinafter referred to as recommendation […]