List of articles on cancer treatment

Non-cancer cells that help cancer call for "cooperators" who inhibit immunity Okayama University

 A group of Assistant Professor Hotaka Kawai and graduate student Meiwato of Okayama University found that stromal cells affected by cancer C […] bone marrow-derived cells that inhibit immunity.

Developed by Shibaura Institute of Technology, a device for accurately and efficiently diagnosing diseases from a small amount of blood

 The research team of Professor Nobuyuki Nii of Shibaura Institute of Technology and others is an open-type microphone that efficiently extracts and purifies cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from human plasma […].

Therapeutic target seen in whole genome analysis of scirrhous gastric cancer

Hiroyuki Mano, Hiromi Sasaki Nature Digest Vol. 19 No. 1 | doi: 10.1038 / ndi […]

DX technology development to automatically connect and unify health and medical data of cancer patients started through industry-academia collaboration

 An ICT platform that automatically links information on adverse events caused by anticancer drugs in cancer patients, life information related to health, dispensing information, and medical care information at the individual level […]

The Japanese Foundation for Multidisciplinary Research for Cancer begins crowdfunding to continue the subsidized project for young researchers studying cancer treatment.

 The Japanese Foundation for Multidisciplinary Treatment for Cancer provides grants to young researchers conducting research on cancer treatment and more than 500 studies […]

University of Occupational and Environmental Health publishes guidebook and video on preoperative preparation for cancer surgery "pre-habilitation"

 In February 2021, Crowdfunding at the University of Occupational and Environmental Health said, "How to spend until the surgery day for many patients waiting for cancer surgery" […]

Overexpression of specific enzyme in canine tumor, University of Tokyo immunotherapy clinical trial

 A research group led by Professor Ryohei Nishimura, a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo, found that I […] to immune cells in tissues due to canine tumors.

The components of Fukinoto strongly suppress the growth and metastasis of cancer cells Discovered by Gifu University

 A group from Gifu University has jointly researched with CCI and others that "petasin" contained in Fukinoto strongly suppresses the growth and metastasis of cancer […]

Keio University and National Cancer Center identify therapeutic targets for scirrhous gastric cancer by whole-genome analysis

 The National Cancer Center and Keio University have reported on ascites due to peritoneal dissemination for scirrhous gastric cancer, which is intractable and difficult to elucidate.

Kanazawa University discovers that androgen replacement therapy is effective for male cancer cachexia

 A collaborative research group led by Professor Atsushi Mizogami and Lecturer Koji Izumi of Kanazawa University administers testosterone, one of the male hormones, to male patients with advanced cancer […]
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