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Dynamics analysis of bike sharing system in big cities Tokyo University of Science

 Tokyo University of Science's statistical characteristics of bicycle usage patterns in real cities in big data analysis of bike sharing system (BSS) […]

New mathematical method proposed by Tokyo University of Science, etc. for efficient operation of bike sharing

 A research group led by Professor Toru Ikeguchi of Tokyo University of Science has collaborated with Nippon Institute of Technology to relocate multiple vehicles.

Annual income ranking by university of origin by age OpenWork surveys using its own method

 OpenWork Co., Ltd., which operates the job market platform "OpenWork" for finding employment and changing jobs, is "[...] by age.

Tohoku University and Propre start joint research on real estate appraisal using spatiotemporal model

 Tohoku University Professor Yasumasa Matsuda (Graduate School of Economics) and Assistant Professor Uki Sato (Yotta Informatics Research Center) Research Group and Co., Ltd. […]