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Survey of Asian university students such as welcome events for new students, study abroad, training, and employment

Fun Japan Co., Ltd. […], which operates the “Japan-loving” community site “FUN! JAPAN”, which is the largest in the Asian region.

Kinki University and Osaka Institute of Technology volunteers hold concerts for middle and high school brass band clubs that have lost their place of presentation

 Volunteer members of the Kinki University brass band club and the Osaka Institute of Technology wind ensemble were in junior high school and high school where concerts and competitions were canceled due to the corona.

Ticket board cooperates with corona countermeasure solution, expecting event resurrection

 Boardwalk Co., Ltd., which operates the largest electronic ticket service in Japan, "ticket board," is a stock company […]

Delivering "Congratulations on Graduation" videos handmade by faculty and staff to students whose graduation ceremony has been canceled

 At Sojo University, the graduation ceremony could not be held due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so the president, professors and staff of each faculty came together […]

Kinki University, graduation ceremony and open campus "Internet live distribution"

 Kinki University held a "cyber graduation ceremony" on March 2020, 3 via live Internet distribution.At the ceremony, he was an active Kinki University student, […]

Josai International University Faculty of Tourism Cooperate with local Kamogawa area promotion and create recommended cafe map

 Josai International University Faculty of Tourism has set up "Tourism Promotion from Road Station" in a collaborative project with Road Station "Kamogawa Ocean Park" in 2019 […]

Kokugakuin University holds the first "adult crowning ceremony" in Reiwa by the god ceremony of the Nara and Heian periods

 Kokugakuin University, where the Faculty of Shinto Culture is located, was attended by about 2020 new adults enrolled in Kokugakuin University on January 1, 11.

Simultaneous game development event "Global Game Jam" held in more than 100 countries

 The Faculty of Media Studies, Tokyo University of Technology will hold a game development event simultaneously in more than 2020 countries from January 1st to February 31nd, 2 […]

Chiba University of Commerce opens a limited-time cafe to think about SDGs12 "responsibility to make, responsibility to use"

 Chiba University of Commerce will open a limited-time cafe "GO! Try! FAIRTR […] at the Atrium of Building No. 2020 from Thursday, January 1th to Friday, January 9th, 10.

`` School Festival Grand Prix 2019'' MVP decided on Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus

 Let's Enjoy Tokyo Co., Ltd. will announce the No. 2019 school festival in the Kanto metropolitan area on December 12, 21, "School Festival Grand Prix 1 […]
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