List of articles for studying for entrance exams

It is "perseverance" that Kyoto University and Benesse investigate the university entrance exam and increase the score

 Professor Ichiji Nishikawa and Professor Takashi Kusumi of the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University are interested in the character of high school students in a joint research with Benesse Corporation […]

Approximately 4% of "reduced stress in friendships" due to corona sickness Builds surveys 2022 examinees

 Builds Co., Ltd., which provides an online tutoring service "Study Coach", is in the third year of high school to take the university entrance examination in 2022 […]

Worry about "not improving grades" increased between June and October Toshin surveyed 6 high school students

Nagase Co., Ltd., which operates Toshin High School and Toshin Satellite Preparatory School, conducted its own questionnaire survey on the learning situation of high school students.Research […]