List of scholarship articles

40% of college students receive scholarships, and scholarship use to concentrate on overseas studies and research / club activities is becoming more active SCHOL survey

 SCHOL Co., Ltd., which operates one of the largest scholarship sites in Japan, "Gaxis," conducts a fact-finding survey on scholarships for university students nationwide and their protection […]

High school students choose a university Study plus survey that emphasizes name value in metropolitan areas and tuition and scholarships in rural areas

 Studyplus Inc. will be on the learning management app "Studyplus" from April 2022st to 4th, 21, from the first year of high school to the third year of high school […]

Introduced Triumph, a "corporate proxy refund system" that remits employee scholarship repayments directly to the Japan Student Services Organization

 Triumph Co., Ltd., which provides IT field engineer services, is the Japan Student Services Organization's "Corporate Scholarship Return Support (Return on behalf of) […]

"The orphans' families are in dire straits due to the corona disaster" Ashinaga Ikueikai announces a survey Resuming street fundraising on 12/11/12

 In order to clarify the impact of the prolonged corona on the families of orphans, Ashinaga Ikueikai announced in October 2021 that 10 parents of high school scholarship students […]

-Increase benefit-type scholarships and support students in need- Donation of 10 billion yen from Paloma Chairman Hiroaki Kobayashi to Aoyama Gakuin "Mandai Fund"

On November 11th, at Aoyama Gakuin University, to Mr. Hiroaki Kobayashi, Chairman and CEO of Paloma Co., Ltd., a feeling of donation to the "Mandai Fund" […]

Shibaura Institute of Technology to provide scholarship equivalent to admission fee to more than 2022 female enrollees from 100

 Shibaura Institute of Technology, which has been actively supporting the admission of female students since 2018, will start 3 from 2022 as the third measure. […]

Founded by Mercari CEO Yamada, scholarships provided to up to 100 high school science girls

 Shintaro Yamada, CEO of Mercari Co., Ltd., is promoting diversity and inclusion (D & I) […]

Study Abroad Information Center Supports U.S. University Scholarships with Achievement Rewards

 The Study Abroad Information Center, which provides information on study abroad and provides agency services, has started a new service to support the acquisition of scholarships from US universities with performance fees. […]

University of Human Arts and Sciences Supports students of Corona Sickness and implements a scholarship system that provides half the entrance fee

 The University of Human Arts and Sciences recommends a comprehensive school that provides a scholarship equivalent to half the entrance fee to support students who are financially burdened by the corona. […]

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology surveys more than 5,000 university dropouts with the new corona

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology […] says that there are 10 students who have dropped out of universities and graduate schools nationwide by the end of October due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
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