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Elucidation that the supply of iron particles derived from human activities to the Southern Ocean was actually 10 times higher Nagoya University

 In open ocean areas such as the South Ocean, it is known that there is a shortage of iron (soluble iron) on the surface of the ocean that marine ecosystems use for photosynthesis, so it is the atmosphere […].

Non-woven mask for corona measures, sea turtles eat by flowing out to the sea

 Professor Hideshige Takada, Assistant Professor Kaoruko Mizukawa, Researcher Takuya Fukuoka, Professor Katsufumi Sato, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, Tokyo University, Chika Kinoshita […]

Microbiology: Metabolic capacity is key to the survival of microorganisms under the seabed

Microbiology: Metabolism key to microbial survival under the […]