List of articles on Chinese herbs

Hiroshima University analyzes that prescriptions for Chinese herbs increase among the elderly after a disaster

 A research group led by Professor Ryoko Ishida of Hiroshima University Graduate School will be used for psychiatric symptoms in the elderly victims of the 2018 western Japan heavy rain disaster […]

Discovered thermostable RNA that induces immune activation in the decoction of crude drugs Toyama University

 Institute of Natural Medicine University of Toyama, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Japanese-Chinese Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Postdoctoral Fellow Akiko Inushima and Professor Keiichi Koizumi in the field of non-illness

For weather headaches Goreisan (with Soujutsu) Suppresses changes in cerebral blood flow when atmospheric pressure drops

 Kumamoto University and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have verified the effect of Goreisan (containing Soujutsu), which is a type of Chinese herbal medicine, on "weather headaches", and Goreisan (Sou […]]