Marriage article list

Keio University reduces the number of marriages and divorces with the new corona, the first state of emergency

 The number of marriages and divorces in Japan decreased in the first state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in April-May 2020 […]

The University of Tokyo survey has more than 134 million men nationwide in the Japanese marriage market

 Despite the intention to marry in the Japanese marriage market, 848 million women and 983 million men are unmarried, and about 134 million men are surplus nationwide […]

More than 5% of students have a negative image of childcare, and 6% of students want to get married and give birth.

 Fathering Japan, an NPO, focuses on university students in the Tokyo metropolitan area to learn about the thoughts of students in the Reiwa era regarding marriage and child-rearing. […]

79% of new adults who "want to get married" recovered significantly from the previous year O-net surveyed

 O-net, Inc., which provides a marriage partner introduction service, targets 2022 new adults (618 men and women each) who will reach the adult ceremony in 309 […]