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Development of basic technology for batteries that can be used at high temperatures, Tohoku University, etc.

Tohoku University and Hitachi have developed the basic technology for lithium-ion secondary batteries that operate in an environment with a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.If it is put into practical use, it will be […]

Development of large-capacity "lithium-air battery" -Tohoku University

On September 9, Tohoku University announced a "lithium-air battery" that has more than six times the electric capacity of a lithium-ion battery and can be used repeatedly 2 times or more. […]

Toyota to establish research center with two US universities in artificial intelligence research

In the development of artificial intelligence applied to future product development such as automobiles and robots, a major automobile manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation (Headquarters: Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Yutaka […]

Pre-order sales of the portable electric vehicle "WalkCar" started in October

The project "cocoa mo […]" launched in 2013 by Mr. Kuniaki Sato (completed the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology in March 3).

ZMP, a robot car equipped with automatic driving software developed by Nagoya University, has started accepting orders.

Robot venture ZMP (President Tsune Taniguchi, Tokyo) is an open source software "Autoware" for autonomous driving systems at Nagoya University […]
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