18-year-old awareness survey article list

Nippon Foundation, April 2022 Enforcement Survey on "Amendment of the Juvenile Law" at the age of 4 

 At the Nippon Foundation, in April 2022, the adult age was reduced to 4 years old, and what did the 18-year-old youth think and what did they think? […]

18-year-old attitude survey "I feel that the difference in learning environment has widened due to the corona virus"

 The Nippon Foundation conducted an 17-year-old awareness survey on the theme of "educational inequality" in early December 19, targeting men and women aged 18 to 2020 years old. […]

Digitization of Japan "Late" 38.1% 18 years old Awareness survey

 The Nippon Foundation has set the theme of "digitization" for 17 men and women aged 19 to 1000 nationwide while the digitalization is further accelerating due to the corona disaster. 1 […]

18-year-old attitude survey, do reading lovers also like writing?Newspaper "read" further reduced

 The Nippon Foundation conducted the 30th 18-year-old awareness survey (target: men and women aged 17 to 19 years old nationwide) under the theme of "reading and writing." […]