List of articles for the 2022 entrance examination

Otsuma Women's University, from the 2022 entrance examination, scored and utilized the survey report in the general selection A method and B method

 From the 2022 entrance exam, Otsuma Women's University has been using the general selection A method (individual academic ability test) and B method (using the common test for university admission) to "[...] of academic ability.

2022 entrance exams, 97% of universities set additional exams with the new corona

 In the individual examinations for the 2022 university entrance exams, 96.6% of the students who were infected with the new coronavirus were given additional exams or transferred to another schedule […].

The University of Tokyo Graduate School Entrance Examination, Introduced Online Examination System

 The online examination system "Smart Admission [...]" was selected for the 2022 enrollment in the professional degree program of the Department of Public Health Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo.

Showa University introduces "Comprehensive Selection Entrance Examination" at Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Health and Medical Care Applications are accepted from 9/1

 Showa University has 202 […] in the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Health Sciences in order to discover highly motivated human resources who will be responsible for future medical care from a new perspective.

Maebashi Institute of Technology establishes general selection (mid-term schedule of public universities) for 2022 faculties of engineering from 2

 Maebashi Institute of Technology will reorganize the 2022 departments of the Faculty of Engineering from 6 and integrate them into 2 departments, and will abolish the main night course and unify it to the daytime course. […]

Kwansei Gakuin University changes the score ratio of "English" in the 2022 common test for university admissions

 Kwansei Gakuin University has a ratio of reading and listening points for "English" in the entrance examination that uses the 2022 Common Test for University Admissions […]

Kanazawa University and Toyama University, joint teacher training course (tentative name) to open in April 2022 Graduation requirements are two types of teacher license acquisition

 Kanazawa University and Toyama University are planning to open a joint training course (tentative name) for teachers such as elementary, junior high and high schools in April 2022.Demand for teachers due to the declining birthrate […]

Nagoya University of Commerce establishes "Business Management Course" to teach all lectures in active learning format for 4 years April 2022

 Nagoya University of Commerce teaches all lectures in active learning format for 4 years, and is the only one in Japan to obtain a BBA (undergraduate MBA) […]

Nagoya Institute of Technology establishes core engineering curriculum (mainly at night) and abolishes general selection from April 2022

 From April 2022, Nagoya Institute of Technology will reorganize the four departments of the Faculty of Engineering (Part 4) and establish a new core engineering curriculum centered on nighttime education. […]

Chuo University Faculty of Commerce Department of International Marketing launched in April 2022

 The Department of Commerce and Trade, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University will change its name to "Department of International Marketing" from April 2022.In the background, theory and practice […]