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From 3K to XNUMXS!Saitama Institute of Technology's New Building "Mechanical Engineering Comprehensive Experiment and Training Building" Commences Operation

 In April 2022, a new building, the “Mechanical Engineering Department General Experiment and Training Building,” was completed on the campus of Saitama Institute of Technology in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture.The next generation […]

Utilizing advanced digital technology to open the door to the next generation ─ Creating “diversified learning opportunities” for students by promoting DX

In recent years, Kansai University has been actively introducing systems and lectures using digital technology.In the background, XNUMX marks the XNUMXth anniversary of its founding [...]

Kyoritsu Women's University launches "Kyogaku DX Promotion Plan" to promote digitalization of education

 Kyoritsu Women's University and Kyoritsu Women's Junior College have formulated a plan to promote DX (digital transformation) of education, and are scholar-oriented […]