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Kyoto University's proposal that the bonds of society distorted by Korona-ka promote fear, prejudice, and conflict

 Makoto Chung, a researcher at the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, and Junya Fujino (doctoral student: at that time) have introduced the duality of social ties (Kizuna) to the new Coronau […].

The second example through Twitter The discovery of a new species of tick is chained from a post by Professor Shimano of Hosei University

 A second new species of tick was discovered from a general user's Twitter post.Professor Tomoyuki Shimano of Hosei University and Tobias-Pu of the joint research team […]

Monitoring patient health and side effects of medicines with LINE, revealing usefulness Keio University

 Keio University and Teikyo University groups use LINE, an SNS tool, to collect information on patient health and side effects of drugs. […]

Awareness survey on Gen Z's homes What is worrisome is the internet environment and "home shine"

 SHIBUYA109 lab., A youth marketing research institute operated by SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shi […]]

Galois Co., Ltd. investigates the actual state of interest in politics and elections of university students

 Galois Co., Ltd., which develops the fund-raising app "Gakusei Sponsorship" specializing in college students, has been elected to the 2021th House of Representatives on October 10, 31 […]

Conservative voices are easier to reach the middle class than liberal voices, analyzed by the University of Tokyo and others

 The international collaborative research group of the University of Tokyo, Toyohashi University of Technology, and City University of Hong Kong, led by Professor Fujio Toriumi of the University of Tokyo Graduate School, is social […]

Digital science that contributes to the with corona society, Japan and the United States jointly adopt four research topics

 The Japan Science and Technology Agency said, "Digital science that contributes to the new lifestyle required by the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) [...]

Hosei University Professor Shimano discovers new species of coastal mites from photos posted on Twitter

 Professor Satoshi Shimano of the Faculty of International Cultural Studies, Center for Natural Sciences, Hosei University, said from a photo posted on Twitter that he happened to see, a new species of coastal mites "[...]

Ale to about 6,000 graduates of Corona Sorrow!Kwansei Gakuin University opens a special website

 Kwansei Gakuin University is a participatory project "#Tonight […]" that connects graduates, alumni, faculty and staff, and local residents on SNS with the concept of "crescent moon" of the school emblem.

Funding from Maezawa Fund, Penmark from Keio University

 Penmark Inc., which operates the course management SNS "Penmark" for college students, is a DX (digital transformation […]] of university life.
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