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Digital science that contributes to the with corona society, Japan and the United States jointly adopt four research topics

 The Japan Science and Technology Agency said, "Digital science that contributes to the new lifestyle required by the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) [...]

Hosei University Professor Shimano discovers new species of coastal mites from photos posted on Twitter

 Professor Satoshi Shimano of the Faculty of International Cultural Studies, Center for Natural Sciences, Hosei University, said from a photo posted on Twitter that he happened to see, a new species of coastal mites "[...]

Ale to about 6,000 graduates of Corona Sorrow!Kwansei Gakuin University opens a special website

 Kwansei Gakuin University is a participatory project "#Tonight […]" that connects graduates, alumni, faculty and staff, and local residents on SNS with the concept of "crescent moon" of the school emblem.

Funding from Maezawa Fund, Penmark from Keio University

 Penmark Inc., which operates the course management SNS "Penmark" for college students, is a DX (digital transformation […]] of university life.

Student's "back red" "personal image" Corporate research center provides specific services

 Corporate Research Center Co., Ltd., a research company specializing in companies, is a service that eliminates the disadvantage of web interviews that it is difficult to convey the character of a student […]

More than 45% of university public relations feel uneasy about disseminating information about Corona

 According to a questionnaire survey by Kyodo Public Relations, an independent public relations company, more than 45% of university public relations are worried about disseminating information in Corona. […]

The number of "death threats" that surged from June was the most targeted at universities.

 As society was surrounded by uneasy air due to the corona, news of "explosion notice" continued in various places, and public institutions and facilities that received the notice responded […]

Mynavi surveys job hunters What are "use words and news words that have become popular in 2020"?

 Mynavi Corporation has 2021 […] the results of the "Mynavi 2021 Graduation Student Employment Monitor Special Survey" for students scheduled to graduate in 20.

Chuo University, Mercari, LINE, Metropolitan Police Department open official account "Cyberpolis" for teens

 Chuo University, Mercari Co., Ltd., LINE Co., Ltd., Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Cyber ​​Security Countermeasures Headquarters, on December 2019, 12, Education and Research […]

Kansai University launches new corona countermeasure research project

 Kansai University launches an urgent project to study measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases.Research and infection of social resources to prevent medical collapse […]