"For Others" Learn for someone.Aiming to be a woman who opens up a new era

Ferris Jogakuin, which celebrated its 2020th anniversary in 150, has 2 faculties and 3 specialized graduate schools on 3 campuses of Ryokuen and Yamate, and is a woman who opens up a new era under the educational philosophy of "For Others". Nurturing.We value the creation of an environment that enables students to learn independently and with a high degree of freedom, and we have a large number of unique educational programs that meet individual interests.Based on a fulfilling language education, we are developing exchange programs and various overseas training programs to deepen understanding of the international community, and we are cultivating the true power to fly to the world and play an active role.

List of faculties / departments
Department of literatureDepartment of English, English and American Literature Capacity 90 people
Department of Japanese Language and Literature Capacity 90 people
Communication Department Capacity 90 people
Faculty of International ExchangeDepartment of International Exchange Capacity 197
Faculty of MusicMusic Arts Department Capacity 75 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code245-8650
Address4-5-3 Ryokuen, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Department NameEntrance Examination Division
Phone Number045-812-9183

Official page#https://www.ferris.ac.jp/#

List of articles at Ferris University

Ferris University establishes "General Selection Honors Student Scholarship" for up to 2022 years from the 4 entrance examination

 Ferris University has established a "general selection scholarship for excellent students" to commemorate the 2022th anniversary of its founding from the 150 entrance examination.Eligible admission […]

Excellent award for 5 corporations including internship award selected by students and Kagoshima University

 The "Student's Choice Internship Award" executive committee, which is managed by Mynavi Corporation, contributes to the social and professional independence of students […]

"Hyakunin Isshu Menu", which was developed by Ferris University students, appeared in "Hamaben" in Yokohama City.

 At Ferris University, in 2020, as part of the "Project Exercise" course, students took the motif of Hyakunin Isshu at an elementary school in Yokohama City […]

Top 3 university brand comprehensive strength, ranking reversal in the metropolitan area, Ritsumeikan University in the Kinki area for the first time in XNUMXrd place

 When Nikkei BP Consulting investigated the comprehensive strength of university brands in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kinki area, the metropolitan area was Tokyo University, Waseda University, Keio University […]

Ferris University students collaboratively develop and sell black tea with the motif of "Hyakunin Isshu"

 Ferris University's Singapore-based Providor Co., Ltd. co-developed Hyakunin Isshu's black tea "Kagaribito Ranami" […]

List of articles at Ferris University