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While the international community has survived the pandemic of infectious diseases, it is now facing problems and challenges that far exceed expectations, such as conflicts and disputes between ethnic groups and nations, global warming, and environmental changes.This influence certainly spreads to the Hachinohe area in a chain reaction.What kind of system and development of "human resources" are necessary to build a safe and secure community?Let's study together at Hachinohe Gakuin University and take on the challenge of building a prosperous community together.
Hachinohe Gakuin University's founding body, Kosei Gakuin, was founded in March XNUMX by the founder, Joseph Nakamura Yutaro (first president).In XNUMX, Professor Yutaro Nakamura established a single course in the Faculty of Commerce based on his own experience of hard work and the spirit of love and service as a Christian believer. Established as Hachinohe University, Hachinohe University's founding philosophy is to "provide moral education in accordance with the Catholic spirit, strive for the perfection of noble character, and develop capable human resources that modern society demands." .

List of faculties / departments
Faculty of Regional ManagementDepartment of Regional Management Capacity 80 people
Faculty of Health and Medical CareDepartment of Human Health Capacity 100 people
Nursing Department Capacity 80 people
Another courseMidwifery Major (1-year midwife training course)

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code031-8566
Address13-98 Mihono, Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture
DepartmentCareer Support Division
Phone number0178-30-1700

Scholarship information
Scholarship name Eligible persons of people Salary / loan
Academic scholarship students (school recommendation selection, general selection, university entrance common test results selection)
Just a few [Reduction/Exemption] Full or partial tuition fee (1st year)
Qualification scholarship student (Comprehensive selection Qualification scholarship student selection)
- [Reduction/Exemption] Category 1_Tuition Fee Exemption Category 2_Half Tuition Fee and Partial Education Fee Exemption Category 3_Partial Education Fee Exemption (4 years) *Continuous examination required
Creative and nurturing scholarship student
Just a few [Reduction/Exemption] Full or partial tuition fee (4 years)
Description of the icon
Formation... Scholarships for students with excellent academic performance  Through... Scholarships mainly for financial supporters  Input... Scholarships for students with excellent entrance examination results  Out... Scholarships for people from designated areas  Capital... Scholarships for qualification holders  etc.... other scholarships such as extracurricular activities 
* This scholarship information is based on the questionnaire that was answered by September 2021, 9.

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List of articles of Hachinohe Gakuin University

List of articles of Hachinohe Gakuin University