Search for truth and newness.Kumamoto University aims to be a "True Global University"

Kumamoto University, which has a long history and tradition of more than 130 years, has set "Human resources development that can" Global Thinking and Local Action "by inheriting the spirit of Tsuyoshi Kiyoshi since the old system Goko" in its educational strategy.A new creative "knowledge" is born and raised for a bright future, and a communication word "Creating Forest Challenge Flame" that strongly expresses the Kumamoto spirit of solving concrete problems without fear in any difficulty. Is here.We are working as a "true global university" that will lead Japan with its educational and research capabilities, such as the introduction of an undergraduate education system with high international compatibility and the provision of a global environment where international students from all over the world can gather.

List of faculties / departments
Department of literatureComprehensive Human Studies Capacity 55 people
History Department Capacity 35 people
Literature department Capacity 50 people
Communication Information Department Capacity 30 people
Faculty of EducationSchool education teacher training course Capacity 220 people
Faculty of LawLaw Department Capacity 210 people
Faculty of ScienceScience Department Capacity 200
Faculty of medicineMedical department capacity 105 people
Department of Health Capacity 144 people
PharmacyFaculty of Pharmacy Capacity 55 people
Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Capacity 35 people
Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil Engineering and Architecture Capacity 124 people
Department of Mechanical and Mathematical Engineering Capacity 109 people
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Capacity 149 people
Department of Materials and Applied Chemistry Capacity 131 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code860-8555
AddressKumamoto prefecture Kumamoto city Chuo-ku black hair 2-chome 39-1
DepartmentStudent Support Department Entrance Examination Division
Phone number096-342-2146

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Kumamoto University Article List

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Senescent cells cause cell death in long-lived naked mole rats, discovered by Kumamoto University and others

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Kumamoto University Article List