Fostering "zest for life" based on "practicalism" learned from best teachers

Tokyo University of Agriculture is one of the largest comprehensive biological universities in Japan with approximately 3 students in 6 faculties and 23 departments on 1 campuses. Since its establishment in 3000, we have cultivated human resources who can contribute to society based on the "practical principle" that is the philosophy of education and research.Responding to the demands of the times, thinking about "food" and "agriculture" and "living" through the specialized fields of agriculture, science, engineering, and sutra, each of the issues of life, food, health, environment, resources, region, and global We continue to support and learn.

List of faculties / departments
Faculty of AgricultureAgricultural department capacity 170 people
Department of Animal Science Capacity 140 people
Department of Bioresource Development Capacity 125 people
Design Agriculture Department Capacity 123 people
Faculty of Applied Biological SciencesDepartment of Agricultural Chemistry Capacity 150 people
Brewing Science Department Capacity 150 people
Food Safety and Health Department Capacity 150 people
Department of Nutrition Science Capacity 120 people
Faculty of Life ScienceBioscience Department Capacity 150 people
Department of Molecular Biochemistry Capacity 130 people
Department of Molecular Microbiology Capacity 130 people
Faculty of Regional Environment ScienceDepartment of Forest Science, capacity 130 people
Department of Production Environment Engineering Capacity 130 people
Landscaping Science Department Capacity 130 people
Department of Regional Creation Science Capacity 100 people
Faculty of International Food InformationDepartment of International Agricultural Development Capacity 150 people
Department of Food and Environmental Economics Capacity 190 people
Agribusiness Department Capacity 150 people
Department of International Food and Agriculture Science Capacity 110 people
Faculty of Biological IndustryNorthern Area Agriculture Department Capacity 91 people
Department of Marine Fisheries Capacity 91 people
Department of Food and Cosmetic Chemistry Capacity 91 people
Department of Natural Resources Management Capacity 90 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code156-8502
Address1-1-1, Sakuragaoka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
DepartmentAdmission Center

Scholarship information
Scholarship nameEligible personsof peopleSalary / loan
Scholarship student
Within 3% of enrollment capacity[Reduction/Exemption] Full exemption of tuition fees
Description of the icon
Formation... Scholarships for students with excellent academic performance  Through... Scholarships mainly for financial supporters  Input... Scholarships for students with excellent entrance examination results  Out... Scholarships for people from designated areas  Capital... Scholarships for qualification holders  etc.... other scholarships such as extracurricular activities 
* This scholarship information is based on the questionnaire that was answered by September 2023, 9.

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List of articles by Tokyo University of Agriculture

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 Odakyu Group 3 of Tokyo University of Agriculture, Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Odakyu SC Development Co., Ltd., and Odakyu Agency Co., Ltd. […]

Comprehensive partnership agreement concluded between Kokugakuin University and Tokyo University of Agriculture

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List of articles by Tokyo University of Agriculture