Continue to challenge interdisciplinary fusion and internationalization, and develop human resources with intelligence and humanity

University of Tsukuba is the core of Tsukuba Science City, an international city with a high academic and cultural scent.The current education system is 9 groups, 23 classes, and it is possible to take specialized introductory courses from all fields, aiming to have creative intelligence and rich humanity.With his soul and soul, he creates knowledge for solving global issues and creating the future global society, and develops global human resources who will lead it.

List of faculties / departments
Humanities / Cultural StudiesHumanities Capacity 120 people
Comparative Culture Class Capacity 80 people
Japanese / Japanese Culture Class Capacity 40 people
Social and International StudiesSociology capacity 80 people
International Comprehensive School Capacity 80 students
Anthropology groupPedagogy capacity 35 people
Psychology capacity 50 people
Disability sciences Capacity 35 people
Life environment studies groupBiology capacity 80 people
Bioresources Capacity 120 people
Geoscience capacity 50 people
Science and engineering groupMathematics capacity 40 people
Physics class Capacity 60 people
Chemistry capacity 50 people
Applied Science and Engineering Capacity 120 people
Faculty of Engineering Systems Capacity 130 people
Social engineering class Capacity 120 people
Informatics groupInformation science class Capacity 80 people
Information Media Creation School Capacity 50 people
Knowledge information / library science capacity 100 people
Medical groupMedical capacity 134 people
Nursing practice capacity 70 people
Medical science class Capacity 37 people
Physical education specialty groupNo academic organization Capacity 240 people
School of ArtsNo academic organization Capacity 100 people
Interdisciplinary Science and Design College *Newly established in April 2024No academic organization Capacity 40 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code305-8577
Address1-1-1, Tennodai, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
DepartmentEducation Promotion Department Entrance Examination Division
Phone029-853-7386 / 029-853-7392 (Admission Center)

Remarks* Information on admission in 2024.
This includes information on new additions, reorganizations, changes in staff capacity, etc.
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List of articles at University of Tsukuba

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University of Tsukuba investigates symptoms of pain in non-cancer elderly living at home: difficulty in moving the body, sluggishness, and loss of appetite

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University of Tsukuba elucidates the mechanism by which eating natto suppresses arteriosclerosis

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List of articles at University of Tsukuba