Fostering global human resources by strengthening data science education and English education "from the region to the world"

Yamaguchi University is a comprehensive university consisting of 9 faculties and 8 graduate schools with more than 1 students. In 1815, the private school "Yamaguchi Auditorium" was founded by the Choshu clan, Fengyang Ueda, and in 2015, it celebrated its 200th anniversary.Students, faculty, and staff work together, nurture together, and share joy together. This spirit of collaboration, co-education, and sharing, "Yamadai Spirit," trains human resources with human power and a spirit of challenge.We carry out distinctive education such as nationwide top intellectual property education, substantial data science education, and training of global human resources by strengthening English education.

List of faculties / departments
Faculty of HumanitiesHumanities Department Capacity 185 people
Faculty of EducationSchool education teacher training course Capacity 180 people
Faculty of EconomicsDepartment of Economics Capacity 130
Department of Business Administration Capacity 165 people
Tourism Policy Department Capacity 50 people
Faculty of ScienceDepartment of Mathematical Sciences Capacity 50 people
Department of Physics and Information Science Capacity 60 people
Chemistry Department Capacity 40 people
Department of Biology Capacity 40 people
Department of Global Systems Science Capacity 30 people
Faculty of medicineMedical department capacity 90 people
Department of Health Capacity 120 people
Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Capacity 90 people
Department of Social Construction Engineering Capacity 80 people
Department of Applied Chemistry Capacity 90 people
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Capacity 80 people
Department of Intelligent Information Engineering Capacity 80 people
Sentience Design Engineering Department Capacity 55 people
Department of Circulation Environment Engineering Capacity 55 people
Faculty of AgricultureDepartment of Bioresource and Environmental Sciences Capacity 50 people
Department of Biological Function Science Capacity 50 people
Joint Veterinary SchoolVeterinary Department Capacity 30 people
Faculty of Global SciencesDepartment of International Comprehensive Science Capacity 100 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code753-8511
Address1677-1 Yoshida, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
DepartmentEntrance Examination Division
Phone number083-933-5153

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Yamaguchi University article list

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 A research group led by Yuri Araya, a graduate student at Saitama University Graduate School, in collaboration with Yamaguchi University, is collaborating with Yamaguchi University to detect the ``smell'' emitted by plants that have been damaged by feeding, and to detect the odors emitted by neighboring plants […]

Yamaguchi University Faculty of Science, Department of Earth-Sphere Systems Chemistry receives an unusual award from the Japanese Society of Applied Geology, highly praised for its training of geotechnical engineers

 The Department of Geosystems Science, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University was highly praised for its training of geological engineers and received an award from the Japanese Society of Applied Geology.For the first time at university, I learned about soil quality and soil […]

Permian mass extinction caused by fire?Strata analysis at Yamaguchi University, etc.

 It is possible that land fires caused by volcanic activity and subsequent environmental degradation were the cause of the mass extinction that occurred at the end of the Permian period about 2 million years ago […]

The world's first report of a dermal sheet that promotes wound healing Effective for intractable ulcers

 A joint research group from Ehime University, Aichi Gakuin University, and Yamaguchi University has developed fibroblasts […]

Yamaguchi University discovers that Japanese giant hornets hijack beetle feeding grounds early in the morning

 Wataru Kojima, a lecturer at Yamaguchi University, said that a beetle occupying a sawtooth sap field at night was thrown down by a giant hornet early in the morning and […]

Yamaguchi University article list