Walk with Yokohama.Traditional, international and enterprising academic style

The open, international, and enterprising academic style that is suitable for the opening of the country and port of Yokohama is still inherited as a tradition of Yokohama City University, and has produced many excellent human resources with practical skills.We will foster excellent global human resources who "flutter from Yokohama to the world" to disseminate the results of advanced research and advanced medical care as a place for human education that cultivates rich culture, humanity, and ethics.We are developing a variety of educational programs such as small-group exercises, specialized education and cross-disciplinary programs by diverse faculty, overseas fieldwork, study abroad, and overseas internships.

List of faculties / departments
Faculty of International Liberal ArtsInternational Liberal Arts Department Capacity 270 people
Faculty of International CommerceInternational Commerce Department Capacity 260 people
Faculty of ScienceScience Department Capacity 120
Faculty of Data ScienceData Science Department Capacity 60 people
Faculty of medicineMedical department capacity 90 people
Nursing Department Capacity 100 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code236-0027
Address22-2 Seto, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Department NameAdmissions Center
Phone Number045-787-2055

Official page#https://www.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/#

List of articles of Yokohama City University

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List of articles of Yokohama City University