University-specific scholarship system special feature

Universities that responded to the questionnaire by September 2021, 9 as "a scholarship system that can be applied while in high school" are listed.In principle, scholarships for graduate schools, junior colleges, international students, working adults, and third-year transfer are omitted.Please be sure to contact each university for details, as the target number of people is based on actual results and the contents may change.In addition, I added a proviso as much as possible for those that limited the target grades (the notation is unified by "year" in principle), but I omitted details for scholarship type that has different requirements depending on the faculty / department and entrance examination method. ..Please be sure to check the website of each university, pamphlet, etc. for details.

Description of the icon

    • Formation... Scholarships for students with excellent academic performance
    • Through... Scholarships mainly for financial supporters
    • Input... Scholarships for students with excellent entrance examination results
    • Out... Scholarships for people from the designated area
    • Capital... Scholarships for qualification holders
    • etc.... other scholarships such as extracurricular activities

Note 1) If the name of the scholarship includes the university name, the university name is omitted due to the convenience of the site (Example: 〇〇 University scholarship → scholarship)

University name / scholarship name / typeSubjectNumber of employeesSalary / Lending (with or without interest) / Exemption / Reduction of exemption

[Latest in 2021] Special feature on scholarships unique to universities – National and public universities

Kitami Institute of Technology
Admission fee Our university burden system
28 people[Reduction] Full admission fee
50th Anniversary Fund Scholarship
10 people[Benefit] 44,650 yen / month (1 year)
Yamagata University
Susumu Yamazawa Scholarship
8 people[Benefits] [Reduction] 5 yen / month Exemption from admission fee and tuition fee
Yamagata University Area Campus Mogami Hideya Tsuchida Scholarship
1 people[Benefits] [Reduction] 4 yen / month Exemption from admission fee and tuition fee
Utsunomiya University
Utsunomiya University 3C Fund "Admission Support Scholarship" (reservation type scholarship)
20 people[Benefit] 30 yen
Tokyo University
Undergraduate Student Scholarship
2 people[Benefit] 50 yen
Satsukikai Scholarship (for female students going to school outside of home)
A maximum of 15 students[Benefit] 5 yen / month Admission support fund 30 yen
Ochanomizu University
Miga Kazuba Scholarship (reservation type scholarship)
20 people[Benefit] 30 yen
Avanade Scholarship (Reservation Scholarship)
3 people[Benefit] 25 yen
Niigata University
Shining Future !! Niigata University Admission Support Scholarship
50 people[Benefit] 40 yen
Fukui University
Fund reservation type scholarship (recommended by the school director)
10 people[Benefit] 30 yen
Kunishige Scholarship Benefit (Admission Support Reservation Type)
Just a few[Benefit] 80 yen
Yamanashi University
Satoshi Omura Memorial Fund Scholarship
18 people[Benefit] 30 yen
Shinshu University
Chinomori Foundation Scholarship Shinshu University Admission Support Scholarship
20 people[Benefit] 10-40 yen
Hiroshima University
Phoenix scholarship system
10 people[Benefits] [Reduction] 10 yen / month Exemption from admission fee and tuition fee
Miyazaki Public University
MMU Honors Student Scholarship A
7 people[Reduction] Admission fee equivalent
MMU Study Support Scholarship A
[Reduction] Admission fee equivalent
Tsuru University of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Startup Scholarship
74 people[Benefit] 5 yen
Fukuyama City University
General selection (first term schedule) Excellent grade exemption system
5 people[Reduction] Full admission fee
Kochi University of Technology
Scholarship student S
[Benefits] [Reduction] Exemption from entrance fee and tuition fee 10 yen / month
Scholarship student A
[Benefit] 5 yen / month
Kochi prefecture high school graduates tuition exemption system
[Reduction] Exemption from admission fee and tuition fee
Kumamoto Prefectural University
"Kumamoto dream realization" school recommended type selection
2 people[Exemption] Admission fee, admission fee and tuition fee
Tokushima University
Nichia Special Benefit System at the time of admission (Recommendation II entrance examination)
About 10 names[Benefit] 90 yen
Saga University
Magpie scholarship
14 people[Benefit] 30 yen
Kitakyushu City University
Scholarship entrance examination system
About 50 names[Reduction] Half price of admission fee
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yoshinori Ohsumi Memorial Scholarship (Reservation Scholarship before enrollment)
20 people[Benefit] 5 yen / month
Yokohama National University
Freshman startup support money
20 people[Benefit] 15 yen
Toyohashi University of Technology
Excellent student support system for first-year enrollees (recommended / general)
Top performers in each entrance examination category[Benefit] 30 yen
Kyushu University
Hiroo Nakamoto Award Study Support Scholarship
About 10 names[Benefit] 3 yen / month
Tokyo University of the Arts
Tokuji Munetsugu Special Scholarship Student
1 person from each major[Benefits] 100 million yen at the time of admission, 50 yen for the period of enrollment
Kanoya University of Physical Education
Special exemption from admission fee Excellent competition results (undergraduate enrollment)
2 people in each competition[Reduction] Full admission fee
Shimonoseki City University
Admission fee preferential treatment system for those with excellent general selection entrance examination results
Top 5% of successful applicants in each exam category[Reduction] Half price of admission fee