University-specific scholarship system special feature

Universities that responded to the questionnaire by September 2023, 9 as "a scholarship system that can be applied while in high school" are listed.In principle, scholarships for graduate schools, junior colleges, international students, working adults, and third-year transfer are omitted.Please be sure to contact each university for details, as the target number of people is based on actual results and the contents may change.In addition, I added a proviso as much as possible for those that limited the target grades (the notation is unified by "year" in principle), but I omitted details for scholarship type that has different requirements depending on the faculty / department and entrance examination method. ..Please be sure to check the website of each university, pamphlet, etc. for details.

Description of the icon

    • Formation... Scholarships for students with excellent academic performance
    • Through... Scholarships mainly for financial supporters
    • Input... Scholarships for students with excellent entrance examination results
    • Out... Scholarships for people from the designated area
    • Capital... Scholarships for qualification holders
    • etc.... other scholarships such as extracurricular activities

Note 1) If the name of the scholarship includes the university name, the university name is omitted due to the convenience of the site (Example: 〇〇 University scholarship → scholarship)

University name / scholarship name / type Eligible persons Number of employees Benefit / Loan (with or without interest) / Exemption / Exemption

[Latest in 2023] Special feature on university-specific scholarships – Universities in the Hokuriku region

Fukui University
Fund reservation type scholarship (recommended by the school director)
10 people [Benefit] 30 yen
Kunishige Scholarship Benefit (Admission Support Reservation Type)
Medicine (Medical): A few [Benefit] 80 yen
Kanazawa Gakuin University
KG Scholarship System Qualification type
- [Benefits] B1 rank (full admission fee) B2 rank (half price admission fee)
KG Scholarship
60 people [Reduction] Full or half of the tuition fee or 20 yen
Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Special scholarship system Scholarship Fellow
50 people [Reduction/exemption] 1st year: 897,200 yen per year 2nd year and beyond: 979,200 yen per year *Continuous examination required
Special scholarship system scholarship member
65 people [Reduction of tax] 25 yen/year (4 years) *Continuous examination required
Hokuriku University
Scholarship for scholarship students (A scholarship student)
- [Reduction] Full tuition fee
21st Century Human Resource Development Scholarship (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences)
- [Reduction] 20 million yen
21st Century Human Resource Development Scholarship (Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of International Communication)
- [Reduction] 10 million yen
Scholarship for language qualification holders (Department of International Communication)
- [Reduction] Full tuition fee
Scholarship for scholarship students (S scholarship students)
- [Reduction] Full tuition fee
Hokuriku Gakuin University
Scholarship students with excellent academic results selected for admission
- [Reduction] 30 yen or 15 yen
Support system for single-parent families, etc.
- [Benefit] Amount equivalent to commuting expenses (up to 18 yen)
"English Mission" Scholarship Student
- [Reduction] 15 million yen
Renai University
Scholarship student system
15 people [Reduction] Half-price exemption from tuition for 4 years
Fukui Institute of Technology
Recommended selection scholarship system
8 people (FY2023 results) [Reduction] Half price of tuition fee
General selection scholarship system
6 people (FY2023 results) [Reduction and exemption] Type XNUMX: Full amount of admission fee and tuition fee Type XNUMX: Half price of admission fee and school payment
Scholarship to support people from remote islands and Okinawa prefecture
- [Reduction] Half price of school payment
Kanazawa Seiryo University
Special student system with excellent grades
1 people from 4st to 67th year [Reduction] 96 yen out of the tuition fee (2 yen after the second year)
Rent / long-distance school expenses support system
Approximately 1 people per year [Benefits] Subsidies for school expenses or housing expenses such as apartments (up to 24 yen per year)
Toyama International University
Special scholarship
Just a few [Benefit] 30 yen
Takaoka University of Law
Faculty of Law Special Student System
- [Reduction] Full or half of the tuition fee