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See information on newly established faculties for the next and next 2024 entrance exams

The implementation of the common university entrance examination is approaching for the 2023 entrance examination, but the new faculty for the 2024 entrance examination is already […]

Coverage, shooting, writing!Experiencing journalism through the production of a sports newspaper Practical education at the Department of Mass Communication at Edogawa University

The Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Media and Communication, Edogawa University offers classes that emphasize practice.The effort […]

What is Tokyo City University OPEN MISSION?

 The keyword for learning, “inquiry,” is changing university entrance examinations and high school-university connection programs.At Tokyo City University, inquiring through comprehensive selection […]

2025 entrance examination subjects announced by some leading national universities, but not announced by private universities

On July 15, the University of Tokyo announced the subjects and subjects for the 2025 (Reiwa XNUMX) entrance examination, and the national language and number […]

In April 2023, a new data science department will be born in the Faculty of Business Administration, Asia University!Develop business-oriented DX human resources beyond the boundaries of humanities and sciences

In recent years, many universities have established data science faculties and departments one after another. As AI and digitization accelerate, people in data science […]

In April 2023, Japan's first "Beauty & Wellness Professional College" will open with the theme of beauty and health!

Miss Paris Academy, which operates Miss Paris Beauty College and Miss Paris Esthetic College, will launch “Beauty & […]

"What is a human being?" and "What is oneself?"

Japanese macaques are well known for washing potatoes, but for many years it was thought impossible to use tools like chimpanzees.Such common sense […]

Establishment of the "Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology" where students can learn from five specialized fields Demonstrating the power of psychology in fields such as business, education, and welfare

In April 2023, Kyoto Tachibana University will open a new Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology.Professor Toshio Shibata, who is scheduled to be appointed as the dean of the department, talks about the purpose of the establishment and the characteristics of learning […]

A new classroom building "Building No. 14 LECRO" has opened on the Koshigaya Campus of Bunkyo University!Challenge to revitalize new communication

Bunkyo University will celebrate its 2026th anniversary in 60. In 2021, the new “Tokyo Adachi Campus” will be opened in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, where the Faculty of International Studies, […]
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