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Considering preferential treatment for women based on the results of the University of Tokyo recommendation entrance examination

Both the number and ratio of women in the University of Tokyo recommendation entrance examination are at record highs.On February 2024, 2, the University of Tokyo held the 13 school recommendation entrance examination (hereinafter referred to as recommendation […]

Entrance exams for 2024: The number of private university applicants will increase despite a decline in the 18-year-old population

The 2024 entrance exams are reaching their climax, just before the first half of national and public universities' dates. The 18-year-old population is decreasing, and more than half of private universities are below capacity […]

Initiatives at Temple University Japan Campus have continued to grow since opening in 1982 as Japan's first foreign university campus.

Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) is located in Setagaya, Tokyo. Last year, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the opening of our Japanese school. U.S. University […]

What is the percentage of applicants who are admitted to national and public universities? ~Based on school basic survey results~

On December 12th of last year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the final school basic statistics (results of the basic school survey) for 20. University (undergraduate) admission rate (past year […]

In order to respond to the rapid transformation of DX in the construction industry, advanced digital education has started at Kogakuin University's Faculty of Architecture.

In response to the rapid expansion of DX that is progressing all over the world, the way the construction industry works is changing significantly, and university education in the field of architecture is also being forced to change […]

[University theory from age 16] What is a specialty?

 I was just wondering, what is a specialty? If we define being knowledgeable in a particular academic field as a “specialty,” we […]

“University entrance examination” begins

An academic society aiming to create a new research field called "University Entrance Examination Studies" has started moving toward establishment.According to the establishment preparatory committee of the association, its mission [...]

The university entrance rate in the spring of 2023 has reached a record high for the 8th consecutive year. Okinawa Prefecture ranks first in the Kyushu region, and Yamanashi Prefecture ranks first in the nation for the university entrance rate for men.

The university entrance rate reached a record high for 8 consecutive years, with a rate of 57.7% The university undergraduate admission rate in the spring of 2023 reached 57.7%, setting a record high […]

Life and society will change with generative AI ~Know the characteristics and precautions and get along well~

Generative AI, including Chat GPT, is gradually permeating our lives. While it is very convenient, the information output is not always correct […]

I want to contribute to future energy policy through the training of nuclear human resources ~ Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo City University

Tokyo City University, which has a department with the title "Nuclear Energy", which is rare in Japan, started promoting the peaceful use of nuclear energy in 1960 during the time of its predecessor, Musashi Institute of Technology.
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