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Showa Women's University x Komaba Toho Junior High School Held a class that will be the culmination of three years of "Project for female college students and boys' junior high school students to think together"

On February 2023, 2, Showa Women's University (Chairman and President: Mariko Bando: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) and Komaba Toho Junior High School (Principal: Kazuhiko Oya) will form a three-year […]

Concept for the creation of an interdisciplinary interdisciplinary organization for humanities and sciences based on the development of digital human resources at Kumamoto University*

In April 2024, Kumamoto University will acquire knowledge of mathematics and data science (DS) and promote digital transformation (DX) […]

2024 entrance exam, current students are safety-oriented, colleges are year-end entrance exam-oriented?

The successful applicants for the first semester schedule of the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University have been announced, and the 2023 entrance examination is nearing its end.From now on, national and public universities will announce the mid- and late-term schedule […]

The number of applicants for the 2023 private university entrance examination is the same as last year, but there are differences between universities

Looking at the total number of applicants for the second-stage exam at national and public universities on the last day of application, it looks like it will be on par with last year.According to the data of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the 18-year-old population […]

What is the supplementary exam for the school of your choice?Research in advance and prepare for "just in case"

Entrance exams are always in motion, such as adjusting scores in the common university entrance exam.No one knows when an unforeseen situation will occur for an examinee […]

Taking on the challenge of rebranding by making the most of university learning

Aim is to pass down the beautiful world where nature and people are in harmony.

"Sustainable First" Rather than supporting, we look at each other and move forward together ~Challenges in Tanzania~

Along with Shohei Otani of Major League Baseball and Naomi Trauden of model, Forbes 30 UNDER 30 JAP as a social entrepreneur […]

Energizing Japan and the World - Putting University Learning into Practice!Aim to be an entrepreneur

Indus of “Forbes 2022 Under 5 Asia 30” announced by Forbes Asia in May 30

Difficult universities are popular for the 2023 entrance exam, but on the other hand recruitment of small private universities is suspended

For the 2023 entrance examination, the general selection and school recommendation selection are almost finished, and the general selection will finally begin.In various media, the challenge of examinees […]
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