Nippon Institute of Technology has recently published ``Rurubu Special Edition Nippon Institute of Technology'' (planned, edited and produced by JTB Publishing Co., Ltd.).

 The Nippon Institute of Technology Saitama Campus is located in Miyashiro Town, eastern Saitama Prefecture, and is easily accessible from central Tokyo, about 30 minutes from JR Omiya Station. Miyashiro Town has a lot of greenery and nature as well as residential areas, and ``I would like high school students and their parents from all over the country to know about Miyashiro Town, which is a safe local area to commute to for four years, as well as the university environment. We listened to voices both inside and outside the university, and decided to publish the book.

 "Rurubu Special Edition Nippon Institute of Technology" provides information on the vast Saitama campus, the shops and restaurants around the campus and in front of the nearest station (Tobu Dobutsu Koen Station), and the large nearby area outside of Miyashiro Town. Introducing shopping facilities, etc., and posting useful content for student life. In Miyashiro Town, there are many students who live alone, and the booklet provides information on the lives of these students and rent information, making it a useful booklet for high school students considering living alone as they consider entering higher education.

 The Rurubu booklet can be distributed at academic conferences and other events, and can also be ordered from the information request page on the Nippon Institute of Technology's official website so that high school students and their parents around the country can easily pick it up and read it. .

reference:Nippon Institute of Technology materials request page

Nippon Institute of Technology

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