The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology predicts that the accelerating progress of digitalization will bring about fundamental changes in the nature of labor demand, and has set a target for universities to rapidly cultivate human resources in the sciences who will take on the growth field of digital technology. We are providing support.

For national and public universities, in order to strengthen their functions in order to secure highly skilled information specialist human resources, it is mandatory for graduate schools to work in the information field, and a maximum of 10% is required to strengthen the system due to the increase in the number of undergraduate and graduate school students. We have decided to provide support for the year.

The establishment of new faculties at national and public universities in the growing field of digital began with Shiga University, which became the first university in Japan to establish a new ``Faculty of Data Science'' in April 2017.Since then, information science departments have been established and reorganized one after another.In addition, in 4, the number of students in information departments at national universities such as Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology will increase, and the market for information departments is rapidly expanding.

Under these circumstances, I would like to introduce the characteristics of national and public universities that have departments called data science departments that provide education.


■Hitotsubashi University

Hitotsubashi University - Faculty of Social Data Science aims to train generalists who can master both social science and data science


■Toyama Prefectural University

Toyama Prefectural University-Establishment of a new faculty covering everything from mathematics to application, to develop IT human resources in collaboration with the region


■Shiga University

Shiga University ~ Pioneer of Japan's first data science department.Achieve results in the development of highly skilled human resources who create "new value" by making full use of data


■Kumamoto University

Concept for the creation of an interdisciplinary interdisciplinary organization for humanities and sciences based on the development of digital human resources at Kumamoto University*