Published by Sekai Shisosha Kyogakusha Co., Ltd., the collection of past questions for university entrance exams, which has been affectionately known as the "Red Book" by examinees, will celebrate its 2024th anniversary in 70. To commemorate this, the cover design will be completely redesigned starting with the 2025 edition.

 The cover of the Red Book until 2023 has been designed for about 2006 years since 20. The bright red question books that stand out in bookstores are a symbol of university entrance exams, and people said, ``If you buy a red book from the school you want to go to, you'll be motivated'' and ``it's reassuring.'' There were also comments such as ``It's a little embarrassing,'' and ``The cover is so overwhelming.''

 The new design focuses on things that make it easy to tell that it's a red book at first glance, that it doesn't put pressure on people to take the entrance exam, and that it feels familiar. ``arrangement'', ``the band-shaped accent color at the top'', ``square and geometric patterns'' are retained, but ``weaken the emphasis to make the text easier to read'', ``create a neutral design'', ``provide white space to improve air circulation''. It is said that consideration was given to such points. The design was handled by the Design Studio the day after tomorrow.

 In the end, we incorporated opinions from first- and second-year high school students in the Hanazono Junior and Senior High School Library Club, and decided to give the 1 edition a refreshing mint green color that was not present in the previous red books. In addition, not only the cover but also the main text has a new design, with emphasis on ease of use, such as adding thumbnails to answers to questions and making the headings larger.

 The newly designed red book will be published sequentially from May 2025 as the 2024 edition.

 Furthermore, Kyogakusha launched the ``Search for the Oldest Red Book Project'' to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the publication of the Red Book, but the 1955 and 1956 (Showa 30/31) editions of the Red Book were not found and are still being searched for. . The name of the university is unknown, but the most likely theory is that it belonged to Kyoto University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, Kobe University, or Osaka City University (as the name was known at the time), and there is a high possibility that it contains characters such as ``30.'' The person who used it at the time is now believed to be around 87 years old, and they are asking people to contact them if they find it.

Reference: [@Press] The cover of the red book has changed! ? Thoughts put into the design for the 70th anniversary of the publication

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