Muroran Institute of Technology (Muroran City, Hokkaido) will create a ``female quota'' for women in the comprehensive selection (daytime course) starting from the 2025 admission selection.

 Muroran Institute of Technology is a national engineering college located in the iron town of Muroran, with a history of over 130 years. It began with the Department of Engineering at Sapporo Agricultural College in 1887, and Muroran Institute of Technology opened in 1949. We are cultivating a wide range of science and engineering personnel, and in recent years we have established the Aerospace Systems Research Center, which has been active in joint research with JAXA, heavy industry manufacturers, Interstellar Technologies of Taiki Town, and other universities, as well as the effective use of rare earths. Unique initiatives such as the Rare Earth Materials Research Center, the only research organization in Japan that conducts research on the subject, are attracting attention.

 Furthermore, the university has active female faculty members, such as Professor Kaoru Ota of the Computer Science Center, who is the youngest female professor and has received high praise both domestically and internationally.

 The creation of a quota for women is being implemented in order for the university, where approximately 11 to 16% of female students enroll, to actively accept women interested in science and engineering and to further diversify the learning environment. We aim to produce female engineers and researchers who can play an active role in society by collaborating with diverse people and developing the ability to contribute to the development of local and international societies.

 A comprehensive selection will be held in 2025 (to be implemented in 2024), with an admission capacity of 9 students in the Department of Creative Engineering and 6 students in the Department of Systems Science and Chemistry. In this selection process, in addition to evaluating basic academic ability, an interview will be conducted. Evaluations will be made from the diverse perspectives of each department, with emphasis on ``level of understanding of diversity'' and ``attitude and motivation toward promoting diversity.'' Students who apply for the female slot can also apply for the general slot at the same time.

 Furthermore, Kitami Institute of Technology (Kitami City, Hokkaido), a national technical university in Hokkaido, has set up a quota for women in the general selection course from the 2024 entrance exam.

Reference: [Muroran Institute of Technology] Regarding the creation of a female quota in the comprehensive selection (daytime course) for 7 admission selection

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