The Japan-America Education Commission will launch the Fulbright Language Assistant (FLTA) Program, a non-degree-based scholarship program for nine months starting in the summer of 2025. We are looking for people who want to contribute to English education in Japan in the future by improving their English and foreign language teaching skills while teaching Japanese at an American university.

 The Fulbright Language Assistant (FLTA) program aims to improve your English teaching skills, improve your own English proficiency, and deepen your knowledge of American culture and customs while teaching Japanese at an American university. Implement with purpose. Work as a teacher or assist in teaching Japanese language classes for up to 1 hours a week for one academic year (9 months) at an American university (depending on the university you send to), in order to promote understanding of Japanese culture and values. Plans and operates cultural events, Japanese language clubs, etc. Also, take American studies or English teaching methods classes in college (two courses per semester, one of which must be American studies).

 The number of applicants is limited, and even if recommended by the Japan-America Education Committee, not all will ultimately be sent. Eligible applicants must be living in Japan, have Japanese nationality, have earned or are expected to have a bachelor's degree (before May 2025, 31), hold an English teaching license, or are willing to work in English education. You will also be required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score report taken within the specified period. For other details, please check the website.

 Dispatches will be provided with round-trip travel expenses, tuition fees for the courses they take, stipends, lodging, meals, Fulbright Group insurance (accident and illness), etc. The details will vary depending on the destination, but the expenses will be borne by the host and the host university. The application deadline is Saturday, June 2024, 6, if postmarked.

Reference: [Japan-America Education Commission] Fulbright Language Assistant (FLTA) Program

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