Mynavi Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Nihon Keizai Shimbun Co., Ltd., conducted the ``Mynavi/Nikkei 2025 College Graduates' Popular Companies Rankings'' targeting third-year university students and first-year graduate students from all over the country who are expected to graduate in March 3. We have announced the top 3 companies in the liberal arts ranking (overall, men's and women's) and the science ranking (overall, men's and women). Number of valid responses: 1 people.


 ``Nitori'' took the top spot for the second year in a row, and ``Mizuho Financial Group'' increased its votes significantly from 2th place last year to 15nd place. ``Mitsubishi UFJ Bank'' also made great progress, moving up from 2th to 6th place. Game and toy-related companies such as ``SEGA'' and ``Bandai'' also rose in the rankings, and ``Japan Airlines (JAL),'' which was 4th in the previous year, further improved its ranking to 13th.


 "Sony Group" ranked first for the third consecutive year. Ajinomoto ranked second for the third consecutive year. 3rd place ``KDDI'' has significantly improved its ranking from 1st place last year, ``Panasonic Group'' has moved up from 2th place to 3th place, and ``Canon'' has moved up from 3th place to 121th place, making it into the top 25.

Reference: [Mynavi Career Research Lab] [Mynavi/Nikkei] Ranking of popular companies for employment for 2025 graduates

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