On March 2024, 3, Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) signed an agreement with Ehime Prefecture for comprehensive collaboration and cooperation in the fields of international education promotion, cultural exchange, and regional development. The agreement signing ceremony was held at the Ehime Prefectural Office in Matsuyama City, where TUJ President Matthew Wilson and Governor Tokihiro Nakamura signed the agreement. This agreement is the third agreement that TUJ has concluded with a prefecture, following Nagasaki Prefecture (March 26) and Yamanashi Prefecture (December 2024).

 Through this partnership agreement, TUJ plans to offer a series of English learning programs, including training for Japanese English teachers in Ehime Prefecture, English camps for high school students, and online English conversation. Both aim to create a learning environment that improves English proficiency.

 TUJ and Ehime Prefecture will also share resources related to global human resource development and explore joint research opportunities. The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University's main campus in the United States has received high praise worldwide, and TUJ will also open the same department from the fall semester of 2023. Therefore, it is expected that both Ehime Prefecture and TUJ's students in the same department will benefit by having students do internships at companies within the prefecture and promoting research related to tourism and hospitality in the prefecture.

 In concluding the agreement, Governor Tokihiro Nakamura said, ``In Ehime Prefecture, due to the rapid decline in birthrate and population in recent years, there are concerns about the shrinking market, and there is a growing interest in expanding business overseas by companies within the prefecture.'' In addition, with the launch of new international flights and increased flights at Matsuyama Airport, the number of people interacting with each other is expanding, and it is becoming increasingly important to develop human resources with a global perspective.Furthermore, with the ongoing reorganization of prefectural high schools, We will also focus on promoting English education and international exchange, and through collaboration with Temple University, we will promote the development of global human resources at companies in the prefecture, improve the leadership skills of high school English teachers, and improve the English language of high school and university students. I am very encouraged that this will lead to improving their abilities and fostering an international mindset."

 TUJ President Matthew Wilson said: ``This is TUJ's third agreement with a prefecture, giving us partners in Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. It is a testament to our commitment to promoting education, cultural exchange, and regional development. Through the provision of innovative educational programs and other initiatives under this agreement, we will continue to build a global network that benefits students, faculty, staff, and the Ehime community. TUJ has many years of experience in international education, and we hope that this partnership will have a positive impact on the local community in Ehime Prefecture and our students." There is.

Reference: [Temple University] Temple University Japan Campus concludes comprehensive partnership agreement with Ehime Prefecture, third agreement with prefecture

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