The Co-Creation HUB Kyoto Consortium, an organization formed by Ryukoku University, Osaka Gas Urban Development Co., Ltd., and the Kyoto Shinkin Bank, was selected for the use of land adjacent to the new campus of Kyoto City University of Arts (future use site), which was publicly solicited by Kyoto City. , concluded a basic agreement with Kyoto City. An eight-story innovation hub will be built on approximately 4,000 m2027 of land owned by Kyoto City in front of Kyoto Station, with construction scheduled for completion in 8.

  The planned completion site for "Co-Creation HUB Kyoto Consortium" is in an extremely convenient location, approximately 500 meters east of Kyoto Station and adjacent to Kyoto City University of Arts. Within the base, the resources and networks of each member of Co-Creation HUB Kyoto will be utilized to promote industry creation, community formation, human resource development, etc. that will lead to solving social issues.

 The 1st and 2nd floors serve as bases for supporting business start-ups and cultural and artistic activities, including a branch of the Kyoto Shinkin Bank specializing in startup support, shared offices, and a shared lounge, as well as the Terada Warehouse art gallery and the cooking school Le Le. Enter Cordon Bleu.

 The 3rd and 4th floors are home to the Ryukoku University Unlimited Lab, which develops and deploys entrepreneurship education and interdisciplinary education programs. Taking advantage of its location that allows access to all three of Ryukoku University's campuses, we will promote interaction and fusion of Ryukoku University's diverse academic fields and stimulate social innovation. It will also be widely open to students from other universities and working adults, providing opportunities for ``learning'' and ``growth'' that go beyond what is available on a traditional university campus. On the 3th and 5th floors, there will be a student dormitory with approximately 6 rooms intended for students considering starting up their own businesses.

 The 7th and 8th floors will be an interactive rental apartment for the general public, with a cafe lounge where residents can interact with each other.

 Going forward, the "Co-Creation HUB Kyoto Consortium" will collaborate with Kyoto City to develop a utilization plan that takes full advantage of the strengths of the target site, aiming for completion and start of operation in 2027, as well as cultural and economic We will continue to consider various collaborative measures to realize a virtuous cycle. Please note that the names and plans for each function may change in the future.

Reference: [Ryukoku University] Basic agreement concluded regarding the utilization of land adjacent to the new campus of Kyoto City University of Arts - Creation of an innovation hub rooted in Kyoto to create and disseminate the future -

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