From April 2023, 4, the Chiba University Preventive Medicine Center and Real World Games Co., Ltd. have started a new joint research aimed at creating a city where people can walk and become healthy with a game application with location information.

 Based on the zero-order prevention strategy, Chiba University's Center for Preventive Medicine is conducting various industry-academia joint efforts with the aim of creating a community where people can become healthy just by living there.Previous studies have shown that the information environment, in addition to the social and construction environment such as homes and towns, also affects health.Real World Games has been developing a number of town revitalization apps and holding events that incorporate game elements by introducing location information apps developed in-house into collaboration projects with specific regions and public transportation.These make it possible to "visualize" the city's resources, which is an important aspect in the process of town development, and provide a fun mobile experience with game elements.

 This joint research was started with a focus on the point that game technology with location information visualizes town development, designing an information environment to encourage walking, and leading to healthcare.Real World Games, as a member of the WACo (Well Active Community) Consortium*, an industry-university co-creation of the Center for Preventive Medicine, has developed a fun device that realizes human interaction and health, and has verified its effectiveness at the Center for Preventive Medicine. go on.Combining the research findings accumulated by the Center for Preventive Medicine and the hybrid nature of real and digital location information applications, we design an information environment, "visualize" the characteristics and attractions of the city, and enjoy walking while walking and staying healthy. Aiming to create a town where everyone can become one.

*The “WACo: Well Active Community” consortium is an industry-academia co-creation consortium that utilizes industry-government-academia collaboration with multiple municipalities, companies, businesses, and research institutes, which is the strength of the Chiba University Preventive Medicine Center. We will proceed with the development and demonstration of various key technologies to realize "town development where you can naturally become healthy just by living."

Reference: [Real World Games Co., Ltd.] Joint research by Real World Games Co., Ltd. and Chiba University Preventive Medicine Center

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