Starting from the 2026 entrance exam, Osaka University will set up a quota for women in the School Recommendation Selection for the Faculty of Engineering Science. The aim is to increase the number of female science and engineering personnel, and will recruit 4 people in total from four departments. In previous years, the proportion of women in the department was around 20%, making it difficult for industry to fully fulfill the role of training women in science and engineering, so ``we hope that the creation of a female slot will revitalize research.'' issued a message.

 According to Osaka University, starting from the 2026 entrance exam, the school-recommended selection process for the Faculty of Engineering Science will be divided into general and female applicants.The Department of Electronics and Physical Sciences, Department of Applied Chemistry, and Department of Information Science will each have nine general and female applicants. The Department of System Science is recruiting for a total of 9 people, including 4 for 13 people, 18 for general positions, and 8 for women. The number of people recruiting for the general position is 26 people, the same as the previous capacity, and 45 people will be recruited for the female position. The recruitment capacity for general selection will be reduced accordingly.

 The conditions for applying for the female quota are those whose gender on their family register is ``female,'' and those who meet the conditions must apply for both the general quota and the female quota. The selection method is the same as for traditional school recommendation slots, and the selection process is based on scores on a common university entrance test, documents such as self-recommendation letters, and an interview. The first selection will be conducted without distinguishing between general and female candidates. The second round of selection will proceed in the order of the female category and the general category, and applicants who are unsuccessful in the female category will be subject to a pass/fail determination for the general category.


 Regarding the introduction of the female quota, the Osaka University School of Engineering Science Entrance Examination Committee said, ``We hope that in the near future, the enrollment rate of women in the Osaka University School of Engineering Science will improve even without this measure, and that this measure will be abolished in the future. I will,” he commented.

 Osaka University will implement the ``Osaka University Undergraduate Admissions (Female Students) Enrollment Support System'' starting from 2022 undergraduate students, and will begin providing support primarily to female science and engineering students. We are focusing on creating a network for female students enrolled in natural science departments and graduate schools, and providing sanitary products free of charge in the restrooms to help female students achieve their well-being. We also distribute the PR booklet ``Will'' to female junior high and high school students, conveying messages from senior female students.

 Furthermore, for female researchers, we are focusing on the management of on-campus childcare facilities, childcare support projects, and research support, and 654 female faculty members are active, the highest number among national universities (by 2022, Research by the Association of National Universities).

reference:[Osaka University] Changes in the admission selection method for the Faculty of Engineering Science from 2020 (PDF)
Message from the Faculty of Engineering Science regarding the establishment of a new quota for women in the School Recommendation Selection of the Faculty of Engineering Science from 2020 (PDF)
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