On March 2024, 3, Kyoto University announced that it will establish new recruitment slots for women in the Faculty of Science Specialized Entrance Examination (Comprehensive Selection) and the Faculty of Engineering Specialized Entrance Examination (School Recommendation Type Selection) starting from the 21 entrance examination. This is the first time that the term ``female recruitment quota'' has been used instead of ``female quota.''

 At Kyoto University, it is extremely important to ensure a sufficient diversity of campus members in order to create an environment where students with various attributes and backgrounds can fully talk to each other and deepen their learning through discussion. I think there is. Furthermore, in order to function as a world-class university, it is essential to promote diversity and inclusion and incorporate diverse perspectives in order to create a desirable educational environment.

 Therefore, in order to quickly eliminate the imbalance in faculties where the proportion of women among students is extremely low, we will establish general quotas and quotas for female recruitment in the special entrance examinations of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering, starting from the 2026 entrance examination (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, Faculty of Engineering). Department is general class only). For departments where both the general and female recruitment slots are available, priority will be given to those who are accepted for the female recruitment slot.

<Faculty of Science Department of Science (Comprehensive Selection)>
Female recruitment slots: 10 for physics/mathematics entrance exam, 5 for space/earth and planetary science entrance exam
General quota: 5 people for mathematical science entrance exam, 10 people for biological science entrance exam (changed from 5 people), 7 people for chemistry entrance exam (newly established)
Simultaneous application: It is not possible to apply for the female recruitment slot and the general slot at the same time.

<Faculty of Engineering (School recommendation selection)>
Recruitment slots for women: 5 each for the Department of Geoengineering, Department of Physical Engineering, and Department of Science and Technology, 7 for the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and 2 for the Department of Information Studies *Not set for the Department of Architecture
General slots: Department of Geoengineering: 5 people (changed from 4 people), Department of Architecture: 3 people, Department of Physical Engineering: 5 people, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: 7 people, Department of Information Studies: 2 people (changed from 3 people), Department of Science and Technology: 15 people (from 10 people) change),
Simultaneous applications: You cannot apply for both the female and general slots only in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, but you can apply for other departments.

 The notice for the 2026 special entrance exam is dated March 2024, 3, and includes sample questions for female recruitment slots in the Faculty of Science. If there are any changes to the recruitment details, they will be announced on the Kyoto University website at any time. Kyoto University will continue to strive to accept a wide variety of students from among domestic and international applicants, including establishing new female recruitment slots.

Reference: [Kyoto University] New establishment of special entrance examination (female recruitment frame)
Changes in selection methods, etc. for special entrance examinations

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