Sony Group Corporation will establish ``SONY STEAM GIRLS EXPERIENCE,'' a support program for female students studying science and engineering fields at universities and graduate schools. In addition to providing scholarships of up to 120 million yen annually, the program will also provide opportunities to interact with current female engineers working at the Sony Group.

 According to Sony, applicants are eligible to apply if they are a first-year student in a science or engineering department or a similar department at a domestic university, or a student who has entered a university from a technical college and has been transferred to a third-year university, and must have gender identity or gender listed on their family register. students who are female and have not received any scholarships or scholarship grants since entering college.

 The number of applicants is approximately 10. The scholarship will be provided with no repayment required, and will be worth up to 120 million yen per year, equivalent to tuition fees. The scholarship period is until the completion of the master's program at university or graduate school, and the scholarship continues even if the student progresses from university to graduate school. Applicants will be judged based on the documents they filled out at the time of application and an online interview scheduled to be held in August, and successful applicants will have the opportunity to interact with female engineers from the Sony Group.

 The application period is from May 5th to July 17th. Apply from the special page on the Sony Group homepage. After passing the exam, you will be required to submit your transcript once a year.

 Other scholarship systems for women in the sciences include the Shintaro Yamada D&I Foundation's STEM Women's Scholarship Grant, which is aimed at female high school students (technical college students), as well as first- and third-year university students, These include the Toyota Group Toyota Female Engineer Development Fund, which is a loan to female students in their first year of graduate school, and the Yarman Scholarship Foundation, which is a grant to female university students enrolled in science departments at universities based in Tokyo. There is.

reference:[Sony Group] Establishes “SONY STEAM GIRLS EXPERIENCE”, a support program for female students studying science and engineering fields

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