The Study Abroad Information Center, which provides information on studying abroad and provides agency services, has started a new service to support the acquisition of scholarships from US universities with performance fees.Some students have no choice but to give up studying abroad in the United States due to financial problems, but a maximum of 1,200 million yen will be paid for four years, which is likely to open the way to studying abroad.

 According to the Study Abroad Information Center, the new service will select a university in the United States where even international students can easily get a scholarship, and the Study Abroad Information Center will apply for a scholarship with only an application support fee of 1 yen for the first school and 15 yen for the second and subsequent schools. And enrollment procedures on your behalf.If a scholarship is obtained and study abroad is realized, the student will pay 2 to 5 yen later as a performance fee depending on the scholarship amount.

 The target audience is those who have graduated or are expected to graduate from high school in Japan, and are subject to conditions based on their high school grades and English proficiency at the time of application.

 Even at prestigious private universities in the United States, where regular study abroad expenses exceed $ 5 a year, including staying expenses and food expenses, there are places where scholarships of $ 3 a year are issued, and the actual burden in this case is about 220 million yen in Japanese yen. $ 2 a year.As long as you get a scholarship, you can study abroad at the same cost as attending a Japanese university.

 Universities in the United States have developed scholarship programs to attract excellent students.There are more than 4,500 universities in the United States, but not many universities offer scholarships to Japanese students, and the number of scholarships that can be confirmed at the time of application is small.For this reason, it is necessary for a company familiar with the system to support the selection of a university.

reference:[Study Abroad Information Center] Supporting the acquisition of scholarships from US universities with "Achievement Rewards"

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