``StudySapuri'', an online learning service provided by Recruit Co., Ltd., will start providing new content for the subject ``Information I'' from April 2024.

 In the new curriculum guidelines for high schools starting in 2022, "Information I" has been newly established as a common required subject. In addition, "Information I" questions will begin to be included in the university entrance common test in January 2025, and the test is expected to become mandatory for admission selection at many national and public universities.

 Therefore, in addition to ``Basic Level Information I'', which has been provided in high school courses since last year and is suitable for preparing for and reviewing daily lessons and solidifying the foundation of knowledge and skills, ``StudySapuri'' supports further learning. We will start offering three services: ``Common Test Preparation Course Information I'', ``1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year High School Information I (Programming Edition)'', and ``Basic Level Information I Unit Test''.

 "Common Test Preparation Course Information I" is a course that deepens your understanding of tests through explanations of common test prototype questions.It not only explains how to solve prototype questions, but also explains how to approach expected questions and study guidelines. Because it is conducted, it can be used as support for creating a study plan for the common test. Approximately 1 to 30 minutes per lecture. Total of 60 lectures.

 "1st, 2nd, and 3rd year high school Information I <Programming Edition>" is a course where you can learn typical patterns of programming from the basics to common test preparation. Explained in a short video. It covers everything from accompanying classes to preparing for common tests, and covers 3 typical programming themes. Each theme will be explained through lecture videos of 48 minute to 1 minutes maximum.

 The ``Basic Level Information I Unit Test'' is a test that allows you to check your weaknesses in each unit, overcome them, and help them become established. The content is exclusive to Study Sapuri for schools, and teachers can distribute tests to students at the appropriate time from the management screen. In addition, by individually distributing lecture videos for each student based on their test results, students can review the content they are weak at starting from the basic concept. There are a total of 10 tests of about 20 to 9 minutes each for each unit, and follow-up distribution of lecture videos (Basic Level Information I) for questions you got wrong is also possible.

Reference: [Recruit Co., Ltd.] Added new content to “StudySapuri” and “Information I” Started offering common test preparation courses, programming courses, and unit tests (PDF)

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