Starting in 2024, Tiger Thermos Co., Ltd. will fully launch the ``Tiger Thermos My Bottle SDGs Project for School,'' which will help students think about environmental issues together through the ``my bottle,'' which is a familiar part of student life. Up until now, we have been working with each school to teach classes on ``Sustainable Actions for My Bottle,'' and to promote bottle use and recycling, but in 2024, we will turn these activities into a project.

 For 100 years since its establishment, Tiger Thermos has continued to focus on vacuum insulation technology and temperature, and its vacuum insulated bottles are free from ``NO conflict minerals,'' ``NO fluorine coating,'' ``NO whole production,'' and ``NO plastic waste.'' We are engaged in circular economy activities such as manufacturing based on the ``Four Promises'' and collecting stainless steel bottles. In 4, we will create an opportunity to think about the environment together with schools and students through the familiar ``My Bottle'', contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

 The first project is “Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan Junior High School x School SDGs.” In January 2024, we conducted an initiative in conjunction with Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan Junior High School in Osaka Prefecture, which supports school life with consideration for the environment and health and promotes environmental education and science and technology education. (1) A class on personal bottles and environmental initiatives using Tiger thermos flasks, and (3) bottles with original designs devised by students were presented. The school presented vacuum insulated bottles to all junior high school graduates (125 students) before the graduation ceremony in March, with the hope that they would use them in their future student lives.

 The second project is the “Keio Junior High School x Support Project” in fall 2023. At an exhibition showcasing the results of student life, Keio Junior High School, which participated in an initiative to collect unwanted stainless steel bottles, will present bottles with original designs created by students for the entire junior high school in February 2024. Sales start from. A portion of the proceeds will be used to support Ghana (flood disaster relief).

 The third installment is "Osaka Shoin Women's University x Plastic Waste Reduction." The student-led activity ``Eco Project'' is promoting a My Own Bottle Campaign on campus to help solve problems such as plastic issues and reducing CO2 emissions. In 2023, we held an "SDGs study session" in which Tiger Thermos employees participated as instructors, and we discussed creating a system within the university to make it easier to continue living in your own bottle.

 Tiger Thermos will continue its efforts in collaboration with each school.

Reference: [TIGER] Start of “Tiger Thermos My Bottle SDGs Project for School” to think about the environment through “my bottle”, which is an essential item in student life

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