"CIEE" is a non-profit educational organization headquartered in the United States that disseminates information on the TOEFL® test.To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding, the Japan representative division "CIEE JAPAN" has given 50 Japanese students scholarships to the CIEE Summer Study Abroad Program "CIEE Study Abroad *", which is held in various countries around the world. Announced to be awarded.The application will be accepted from November 2015, 11.

 This scholarship provides Japanese university students with the opportunity to study together with students enrolled in US universities in countries other than Japan and the United States, thereby supporting the development of human resources who can play an active role globally in diverse environments. Is aimed at.The scholarship will be awarded for three years from 2016 to 2018, and the tuition fee for the one-session, four-week summer study abroad program "CIEE Study Abroad *" conducted by the CIEE Headquarters will be exempted. It is paid to about 3 to 1 students a year and 4 students in 1 years.

 You can apply for Japanese students who are enrolled in a Japanese university for the purpose of obtaining a degree, and if the TOEFL iBT® test score is 61 or higher, or if the TOEFL ITP® test score is 500 or higher and the purpose is to earn credits. Scores of 79 or higher and 550 or higher are required, respectively.The screening will be the first screening, which examines the application form for the summer study abroad program (English) and the essay that describes the motivation for applying, and the second screening, which conducts an interview.The application period is from November 2016, 2015 to the end of February 11 for those who wish to participate in the program in the summer of 1, from November 2016, 2 to the end of February 2017 in 2016, and in 11 in 1. It is from November 2017st to the end of February 2.

* CIEE Study Abroad is a study abroad program that started between the United States and Russia in 1958, and is currently being implemented in collaboration with major universities in 43 countries and regions.Approximately 220 people participate in 10,000 programs annually.

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