Since 2014, Keio University has selected excellent and aspiring high school students from five Keio integrated education schools and dispatched them to prestigious boarding schools (boarding schools) in the United States and the United Kingdom. Is carried out. From 5, it was announced that the US "Phillips Exeter Academy" will be newly added as a study abroad destination.

 The "Keio Senior High School Dispatched Study Abroad System" is a system that dispatches students selected from five integrated education schools such as Keio Senior High School and Keio Shiki Senior High School to prestigious boarding schools in the United States and the United Kingdom for one year. ..So far, the number of study abroad destinations has been gradually expanded, and by 5, a total of 1 students had studied abroad at 2015 schools in the United States and 3 schools in the United Kingdom.By working hard on extracurricular activities such as studying and sports while sleeping and eating with excellent human resources gathered from all over the world, I hope that he will lead the global society and grow into a leader who is active in the world.

 From 2017, the new Phillips Exeter Academy in the United States will be added as a study abroad destination.Admission difficulty is positioned as the most difficult, and it has a high track record of advancing to the US Ivy League, and the US "Phillips Academy Andover" that has been dispatched since 2015 is like Oxford University and Cambridge University. , They are in a relationship of working hard with each other.It has created unique educational methods such as the debate-style lesson "Harkness Law," and its high educational standards and high academic reputation of faculty and staff are attracting attention from parents and higher education institutions around the world.Third-year high school students can be dispatched to both schools to obtain diplomas from both the study abroad destination and the high school enrolled at Keio University.

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