Nagasaki University of Science and Technology has begun an initiative to waive tuition fees and other fees for graduate school doctoral programs, and reduce tuition fees by approximately 8% for master's programs, in order to foster advanced engineers and support their studies. This is the first university to have a campus in Nagasaki Prefecture, and is also rare nationwide.

 According to Nagasaki University of Science and Technology, there is a limit of three students for graduate school doctoral courses. Previously, students had to pay an admission fee of 3 yen, an annual tuition fee of 12 yen, and an annual experiment and training fee of 40 yen, for a total cost of 16 million yen over three years, but all of this will now be free.

 The master's program has a capacity of 30 students. Previously, a total of 12 million yen was required for two years, including an admission fee of 50 yen, an annual tuition fee of 16 yen, an annual experiment training fee of 20 yen, and an annual educational enhancement fee of 2 yen, but for two years only the educational enhancement fee was paid. The total amount will be 184 yen. Half of the funding will be covered by government subsidies.

 In addition to new students starting in October 2023, current students will also be eligible from April. There are no conditions attached to applicants based on their place of birth, such as whether or not they are from Nagasaki Prefecture. The conditions for exemption are that if the main household income supporter is a salaried income earner, the amount paid in withholding tax in the previous year is 10 million yen or less. If you are not a salaried employee, the income on your final tax return is 4 million yen or less. Nagasaki University of Science and Technology expects most students to be eligible.

 Nagasaki University of Science and Technology is the only private science and engineering university in Nagasaki Prefecture. There were many undergraduate students who wanted to go on to graduate school, but in many cases they gave up on it for financial reasons, so bold support measures were put in place to train advanced engineers. In consideration of the lack of female science and engineering personnel, the university has also announced a policy to create a quota for women in its undergraduate departments starting from the 2025 entrance exam.

reference:[Nagasaki University of Science and Technology] In order to support the training and study of advanced engineers, graduate school entrance fees and tuition fees will be reduced or waived, making them virtually free of charge.

Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science

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