On October 2022, 10, Nippon Institute of Technology signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture.An agreement signing ceremony was held at the reception room of the mayor of Kuki City Hall.From Kuki City, the mayor, deputy mayor, general affairs manager, general affairs deputy manager, etc. attended.

 The Comprehensive Partnership Agreement aims to contribute to the formation and development of a vibrant and unique local community by responding promptly and appropriately to local issues through close cooperation and cooperation between Nippon Institute of Technology and Kuki City. It is an object.

 At the agreement signing ceremony, there were talks about various initiatives at the university.In the future, based on the comprehensive partnership agreement, we plan to promote various projects and initiatives with the aim of forming and developing a prosperous local community while making effective use of each resource.

Reference: [Nippon Institute of Technology] Our university and Kuki City signed a comprehensive partnership agreement 

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